Are Power Tools For Women Really Any Different?

Nov 5


Durand Demlow

Durand Demlow

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Power tools for women? Is the whole DIY world changing? Well, today, women comprise 40% of the big box retailer's customer base. Single women are the second largest group, behind married couples, of homeowners and 90% of these women consider themselves to be do-it-yourselfers! So, do you think the tool manufacturers are aware of this? Ya think?

Actually,Are Power Tools For Women Really Any Different? Articles the phrase "power tools for women" is itself new. I remember going into a Home Depot a few years ago and seeing screwdrivers in designer colored handles and thinking "who'd show up on the job site with one of those?" That was the beginning. Up until recently women had to use hand tools with grips made for a linebacker and large, heavy power tools because that's all there was. As the great blues singer James Brown sang, "its a man's world."

Well, the big box retailers are changing, because their customer base is changing. Women will soon account for half of the shoppers at the home improvement stores, lumber yards and hardware stores! And, they're not shopping for man tools. Power tools for women is becoming a huge new industry, with new sizes, new ergonomics and new designs! Come to think of it, the whole DIY world is changing.

Nine out of ten female homeowners claim to be do-it-yourselfers, and single females are the second largest homeowner's group in America. This means they have a lot of power, in marketing terms. The tool manufacturers are very aware of all these stats and are contracting design groups, focus groups and tool makers in an effort to satisfy this new market. So, what could be different?

Cordless drills have undergone some amazing transformations lately. Lighter weight and ergonomics more in tune with the size and shape of the female hand with softer, more comfortable grips. Motors are being redesigned to produce more power and take up less room. And, colors ... well, that's changing as well.  You can now buy a whole line of hand and power tools for women in a wide range of designer colors, including pink!

Many women have a problem with tools colored pink, but they are among the hottest selling items online. Along with the new colors, there are tools made in floral printed handles, art prints and other design options. This in no way diminishes the power or toughness of the tools, though. In other words, tools—like everything else today—must be functional and fashionable at the same time! Like your cell phone, the new power tools for women take style into account.

Melissa Birdsong, a Lowe's executive, said recently "Traditionally, women have been involved in home decorating projects like paint and wallpaper. But we're seeing an increase in an interest in doing flooring, tiling, and even doing decks." These things require power tools. And, the more women use power tools designed specifically for them, the bolder they become! "As they become more empowered," said Anne-Marie Campbell, Home Depot executive, "they're able to come into Home Depot and say, 'Hey, I can do this myself.'"

Like women today, power tools for women are strong, powerful and stylish. And its only just begun! If you want to see what's out there, search "power tools women" or "women tools" to start. If you type "review" after (ex: power drill women review) you'll see descriptions, details and user comments. For more on power tools and power tools for women, go to and click on DIY POWER TOOLS in the navigator column.