How To Replace and Install Your Kitchen Faucet?

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Should you replace your kitchen tap? Well, you do not need to contact a service provider to solve this issue. You just need to know the necessary resources and step by step procedure means do it.

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Requirements in Replacing the Faucet

In order to replace your own kitchen faucet, you need to get ready all the tools that you will require. First, you will need a tap. There are various designs of faucets; select the one that matches your aged faucet to avoid problem in setting up it. Second, you will need the various tools that will allow you to install the actual faucet. These are hammer, wrench set, screwdriver set, pipe cutter and handsaw.

Once you have prepared all the required tools, you are now prepared to install your new kitchen tap. Here is a step by step guide.

one Uninstall the old faucet

By using a wrench, uninstall the actual faucet. You cannot remove the aged faucet by just using your fingers so you need this device to disconnect it.

While you uninstall the water lines, make a towel or any piece of towel to wipe the water from the drain. The faucet should be turned on before you install it. Just before lifting the faucet, be sure to detach it from the kitchen sink.

2 . Take out the deplete

As soon as you have already removed the actual faucet, you can now proceed within removing the drain. Get ready any piece of cloth when the water leaks. If you have not really replaced the faucet with regard to quite a long time, minerals below the silicon sealant can be possibly discovered. Do not proceed without cleansing them first.

You should also brush your holes of your faucet however take extra care so you would not harm the surface of the sink.

3. Attach the new faucet

After eliminating the old faucet and cleansing the surrounding area, you can now attach the new faucet. Read the directions from the manual. Make sure to stick to them so you can still make use of the service warranty in the event that the actual faucet leaks.

You also need to include the faucet handles just in case the brand that you have purchased is not really yet assembled.

With the use of the screwdriver, fix the setting up nut to the tailpiece from the faucet. Use a basin wrench to make the faucet connection harder. Afterwards, connect the apply hose to the tailpiece from the faucet. Finally, you can now link the supply tubes to the drinking water lines. Things you should keep in mind are: hot water lines are printed the left while chilly water lines are on the best.

4. Test out the tap

After you have completed the set up process, it is now time to find out if you have installed it correctly.

In turning on the tap anew, you should take off the actual aerator because sediment may still be present. Allow the drinking water to flow for several minutes as well as confirm if everything is actually aligned. Check also when there are still leaks afterwards.

In case all is well, now you can put back the aerator back so you can now use your brand-new best kitchen faucets.


It really is indeed easy to replace the kitchen faucet if you will certainly just follow the instructions within the manual and if you will simply prepare all the necessary resources. It is also helpful to watch movies on how to replace a kitchen area faucet. This will show you the actual step by step instructions visually.

Even though chore is relatively easy, you'll still need to take extra care to ensure you would not damage the areas of the faucet. Also, remember to check the flow as well as pressure of water.

Another piece of reminder after you have finished the process is to make sure that your brand-new faucet and the necessary resources are already on hand. This will not just save you time and effort, it will also keep it to themselves from the frustration in the event that about to catch able to start installing the brand new faucet because tools aren't yet ready.

It is certainly advantageous if you know how to substitute your own kitchen faucet since you do not need to hire a service supplier anymore to get the job carried out.

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