Important Things in Air Conditioning System

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The airticle is all about Air Conditioning System and its maintenance. It deals with basic concept in the AC unit to the self maintenance methods that can be performed at the home itself.

Air Conditioning

The best cool relief from a hot summer in a dry house can be gained with this pleasant cool Air Conditioning System. As all other electronic appliances,Guest Posting the Air Conditioning System needs a little TLC to run efficiently and smoothly by tackling all tasks.

Filters Change

Unclean filters kill an efficient AC performance. Installing a new filter every month is better notion to keep the system to work well. It the filter is washable, clean it regularly. Filter's Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MEPV) usually ranges from 1 to 12 for home units. Higher MERV values offers better filtration and more the energy.

Leak Fixing

Ducts in the unit can lose up to 30% airflow via leaks and window units are hard to seal properly. "Smoke Tricks” can be used to find leaks. For window units, hold the lighted stick of incense at the meeting point of unit and the window frame. Stuff foam Tapping and Foil tape can be used to prevent Leakage.

Timer Usage

Installation of the programmable Thermostat let to set temperature according to the needs. New window units have adjustable and built-in timers. Shutting down the system often will make the air compressor to take much time to cool.

Duct Cleaning

Duct in loft and edge spaces must be wrapped to keep the air cool in the unit. Spray foam or Rigid-Foam insulation with foil tape can be used. For close and tight spaces, Reflecttix wraps can be used.

Condenser Service

This condenser is always present on the outside portion of the foundation. Space of 24 inch is must between the plants and shrubs in the outside area to gain the efficient performance.

Ways to keep the unit Cool

Installing Sun shelter to shield the windows from the hot sun and keeping blinds can increase the lifetime of the Air conditioning unit. AC in conjunction with fan will help to circulate the cool air more effectively.

Maintaining the System

There must be a regular and scheduled maintenance from the time the Air Conditioning Unit being installed. The Check-Up includes Inspecting and Cleaning the coils, Checking and replacing fan belts, Lubricating bearings, Filter replacement, Blower and fans checking, Inspecting all controls, refrigerant pressure and finally verifying the temperature of the system.

Way to Upgrade

Keep all the doors Slightly closed to increase the airflow inside the home. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is the measure for Central AC and for Windows units; it is measured in terms of Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). For the best operation SEER must be of range 13 and ERR should be in the range of 8. Higher measure will cost less to operate.

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