Machine Made Rugs for Easy Living

Feb 18


Lily Sarmiento

Lily Sarmiento

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Do you want a change of scenery in your house but don’t have so much time doing it? Well, the answer is as simple as changing the rugs! Often times ch...


Do you want a change of scenery in your house but don’t have so much time doing it? Well,Machine Made Rugs for Easy Living Articles the answer is as simple as changing the rugs! Often times changing the rugs from time to time changes the aura of the room. It either gives that soothing fresh scene in the house or gives that cool enticing feeling of just being home.  Most of the time changing rugs are very costly because along with changing the rugs, you have to add some home accessories that will complement the newly bought rug however that should never be the case because here at Home Decor Center, we have huge selection of rugs that is sure to compliment whatever home accessories you have. Home Decor Center carries huge variety of rugs, may it be Hand Tufted, Hand Knotted, Hand Hooked or Machine Made. However, if you are looking for a rug that can easily be replaced but is sturdy enough to last until you get tired of it? Then Machine Made rug is the one you’re looking for. Well you may be wondering what are Machine Made Rugs? What is it made of? Is it worth every penny? Fortunately, here at Home Decor Center we have our rug experts to share some enlightenment to all these questions.

What are Machine-made Rugs? Machine made rugs are power loomed woven by big machineries controlled by computers with computer cards which tells the computer what the finish product would be. The unique graphical designs of each rug created and inspired by most of the rug designers’ worldwide base on modern home decorations and arrangement are encoded in the computer card along with the unlimited selection of sizes and composition of colors. These designs are carefully created to bring out the best in every home.

What are they made of? Machine made rugs are made of either wool or synthetic fibers. Wool machine-made rugs are known to be one of the best quality rugs because wools are versatile fiber that dyes easily and are more likely to stretch than break. Synthetic fiber machine-made rugs are a common combination of Nylon, Olefin, Polyester or Acrylic. Nylons give the vibrant colors of each rug since they are manufactured in variety of colors and provide the option of easy cleaning. Olefin on the other hand provides that soft wool feel. Polyester provides additional softness and Acrylic once combined to any of these synthetic fibers produces the look of wool at budget friendly cost.

Is it worth every penny? The answer is yes! Machine-made rugs are worth every penny. It offers a wide variety of benefits for every home. Most machine made rugs are built to last for ages at low cost for everyone. It has the ability to brace the weight of heavy furniture’s and traffic. Machine-made rugs also have the capability to resist the daily wear and unexpected stains that life may bring thus the appearance lasts longer at an affordable price. Clearly, there is nothing more to ask about having machine-made rug because they are durable, sturdy, and most of all, the price is incomparable. Thanks to the new-age technology having a rug that looks and feels expensive shouldn’t be much costly and redecorating a house can certainly be something that shouldn’t hurt the pocket but instead bring joy for getting that one step closer to having the look of a gorgeous home that was designed by one explicit designer…YOU.

For sample of machine made rugs, please visit Home Decor Center and click on Area rugs.


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