Portable Restrooms: Things to Consider When Planning an Event

Jan 8


Aaliyah Arthur

Aaliyah Arthur

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So you need portable restrooms for your next construction project or for an outdoor event you're planning. Consider some details before you decide what to rent.

Whether you need portable restrooms for your next construction project or for an outdoor event you're planning,Portable Restrooms: Things to Consider When Planning an Event Articles there are some details to think about before you decide what to rent. Planning an event of this nature can be overwhelming for even the experienced, so it only makes sense to have as much information as possible before moving forward. If you know someone who has done something of this scale in the past, it may help to consult with him or her about some of the key decisions. One of those decisions, of course, is making sure everyone has a place they can relieve themselves if need be. Here are some of the things you should consider.

Number of People

What type of population you'll be serving will be your primary consideration when deciding how to rent portable restrooms. Your goal will be to make sure there are enough for everyone. But that certainly isn't as simple as it sounds. It would be ridiculous and cost-prohibitive to make sure there is one per person, but you can't err on the side of providing too few, either. You don't want to units to become clogged from overuse, and you don't want enormous lines forming outside each one. Industry insiders often recommend using one per every 50 people, depending on the event.


Portable restrooms must be serviced regularly to keep them flowing well. How often this should be done will depend on the nature of your event. At the very least, they should be serviced every day. Busier events with fewer facilities will require that you arrange for service more often than that. The company you rent from will likely have their own recommendations as far as that goes. It will pay to listen to their recommendations, as they will have far more experience than anyone else you know. Naturally, you'll need to balance the cost of frequent servicing against additional units.


If you thought all portable restrooms were created equally, you may be in for a surprise. There are many variations when it comes to type. You'll need to consider which types you need for the event in question. Smaller events and small work sites may only require the very basics. Larger events and areas where running water is hard to come by may require a bit more. You may want to provide a mixture of deluxe models and smaller, basic units to both save on costs and provide your population with exactly what they need.