Prevent Mould Growing In Your Home With UPVC Window Locks

Oct 22


Seth Atkins

Seth Atkins

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How UPVC window locks can be used to to eradicate mould from the property using new features, while still maintaining the security needed to keep the property secure.


Preventing mould from spreading through even the most modern of homes is a difficult task. Not only are there many different factors that can affect the growth of mould,Prevent Mould Growing In Your Home With UPVC Window Locks Articles but many of the strategies used are expensive and not likely to remove the mould from the property completely. In this article I will be discussing the ways in which using UPVC window locks could eradicate mould from your property for good.

The use of UPVC windows is rising due to providing many benefits in terms of maintenance and keeping your house cost effective, when compared with wooden single glazed windows. Not only are wooden windows difficult and time consuming to maintain, but also, they allow for a lot of heat to escape the property, making the energy consumption and costs of heating the property extremely high.

There are many different myths and old wives’ tales on how to eradicate mould from your property, the funniest being ‘just paint over it’. Well not only is mould unsightly to look at it, it can also have devastating effects on the health of the occupants living in the mould ridden property. Therefore mould growing in your property needs to be eradicated, and fast. The only way to properly remove mould from your property, is to remove all excess moisture. The easiest way to do this is to maintain a through flow of air through the property at all time, for example- leaving a window open. However, I do not recommend doing this as it will cause the security of your home to be jeopardised.

New UPVC window locks now have a setting which allows them to be locked open an inch or two, but also keep the property highly secure as they remain on a locked setting. This therefore will allow air to flow through your property, allowing for excess water vapour to escape your property, not allowing it to build up and turn into mould.

In a society where crime rate is on a ever growing rate, the risks of a potential break in is becoming ever more likely each day. Maintaining a secure house at all times is essential to discourage burglars to attempt to break into the property. UPVC window locks are not only extremely strong when on a closed setting, but also the new feature of being able to leave the window slightly open, whilst still maintaining the same security level as having the window closed shut. The new UPVC Windows locks feature could be extremely useful in a bungalow property. Leaving a window open in a single storey, will leave any potential burglar leaping for joy.

This is a feature that is extremely useful not only to keep your property cool in the warmer seasons, but also to eradicate the potential for mould to grow in your property, as the feature allows the excess water vapour to escape from the property instead of condensing and providing a breeding ground for unsightly and dangerous moulds.