Quick Steps For Fixing Up Your Home’s Exterior

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The article presents tips for improving a home's exterior. Tips include removing clutter, painting and washing windows.

If your home’s exterior needs a quick facelift,Guest Posting all you need to do is set a side a weekend or two to clean it up and it will instantly look much better. It doesn’t take a landscaper or designer to make your house look good on the outside. With a little organizing, arranging, cleaning and upkeep and you can achieve a beautiful exterior.  

Cleaning your exterior starts with the porch. Sweep the porch to get rid of dirt and dust. You’ll be surprised about how much dirt you’ll remove. Then give the porch a quick rinse with a garden hose. For a very dirty porch, add some dish soap or floor cleaner to a bucket of water and rinse as needed.

Flower Baskets
Flower baskets are the number one cure for a boring exterior. For just a few dollars, you can add life to the outside of your home. Avoid purchasing flower baskets that are in full bloom. Instead, select a flower basket that is just beginning to bloom. Not only are these often discounted, but it’s a sign that the flowers can be brought to life and have not been sitting around the store for long. Select a flower color that will complement the color of your home.

Trim Shrubbery
Trim the bushes and shrubbery around your home for a clean, manicured look. If you don’t have the time to do so or really don’t have the skill to tackle it, then hire a landscaper to do it for you. Landscapers are often looking for a quick, one-time job to make a little extra money. If you don’t know a landscaper, keep an eye out for some of your neighbors’ landscapers and ask them to do the work.

Nothing compares to a fresh coat of paint for your home’s interior or exterior. It’s one of the least expensive ways to increase your curb appeal. You don’t need to paint your entire exterior or porch. Instead, paint the posts, rails or front door. Don’t forget about the garage door. A fresh coat of paint on the garage door can make a significant positive impact on your home’s curb appeal.

Clear small items around the perimeter of your house. Remove garbage and recycling bins from the side of your home to the back. In general, make a plan for storing bikes, tools, hoses or other items in the back of your home. Pay close attention to the porch clutter. A medium sized, decorative plastic bin or container can enhance your porches appearance and serve as a functional way to store small items.

Low-voltage outdoor lighting is a great way to add some light to the outside of your home. There are several different options, from a porch light to driveway lights or various landscape lighting. The least expensive option is a porch light. Visit a local home improvement or gardening store for a wide selection of different porch light styles.

Don’t Forget…

Replace, repaint or fix a worn mailbox.

Address sign
Make your own or get some fresh new numbers.

Window Washing
Wash the windows and screens. For a low-cost cleaning solution, mix water and vinegar together in a bucket and rinse windows.

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