Radiator Towel Heaters

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Improve your family's health with radiator towel rail heaters to prevent the spread of  dust particles.

Radiator Towel Heaters

Inspiring designs,Guest Posting a source of warmth and comfort, what has become one the fastest growing trends within the bathroom remodeling industry are radiator towel heaters. Radiant bathroom towel heaters provide practical luxury along with the comforting advantages after a bath or shower when you wrap yourself in a balmy towel to ease the burden of winter chills.

Health Benefits of Towel Warmers

When it comes to heating the bathroom, homeowners are drawn to the radiator style towel heaters, compared to forced air systems, they are far more cost efficient and economical. From a health standpoint, electric and hydronic radiator towel heaters prevent the constant flow of dust particles in the atmosphere since they are not forced air units they improve the air quality especially for anyone who suffers from either dust allergies or asthma. The heated towel rails provide ample heat alleviating a breeding ground for germs to multiply not to mention the added benefit of not having change filters or clean heat ducts.

At a recent Interior Design show where a number of traditional and contemporary radiator style towel warmers were showcased, a medical expert was on-hand to explain how heated towel rails can actually improve your health by eliminating dust mites that live in our homes, and since dust mites love a warm moist environment, towel heaters aid in maintaining a consistent room temperature and keep it moisture free. He went on to say, apart from dust allergens, mold and mildew are also caused from excessive moisture especially in bathrooms with insufficient ventilation, by placing a hydronic or electric radiator towel rack in the bathroom can help combat the spread of germs for only pennies a day.

The difference between electric towel rail warmers and hydronic radiator towel heaters are that electric heaters operate independently of the home’s heating systems and are simply plugged in to any electrical outlet. Hydronic towels warmers run off the home’s main hot water supply with the need for a circulating pump to force the hot water through the towel rails, keeping in mind they will only function when the main home heating system is operating. 

Not Just for the Bathroom

Not just for the bathrooms anymore, heated towel rails serve a purpose all year round. For anyone who owns a swimming pool or outdoor whirlpool hot tub, electric towel heaters can be ported to change room areas to dry wet towels and swimsuits quickly and economically without having to turn on the household dryer. In the winter months they can be placed in mudrooms to dry winter garments or warm blankets and also great for added warmth in basements and help to control the dampness where it is most apparent. 

Not only flexible in their use, radiator towel rails provide a hint of elegance and sophistication in any bathroom or living space in your home. With a vast array of unique designs from coiled chrome to straight white ladder rails, available in contemporary and traditional styles and sizes, finding a towel warmer to suit your lifestyle and taste is easily achieved.  Economical, fashionable and provide ongoing health benefits, towel warmers have become one of the most coveted items for the bathroom right on through to  the bedroom. If you want to cut heating costs, spend less time dusting and not having to continually do laundry, hydronic and electric radiator towel rails can free up time and are easy on the wallet.

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