Small Corner Bathtubs can Just be the Answer

Sep 10


Peter West

Peter West

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Most people love taking a bath, but some think that option is out of reach because of the size of their bathrooms. They opt for just a shower thinking they could never fit a traditional size bathtub into their tiny bathroom.

But this is far from the truth.  Today bathtubs come in many varieties from size to color to shape,Small Corner Bathtubs can Just be the Answer Articles including small corner bathtubs.  Nowadays anyone can find a bathtub that will fit their bathroom, no matter what size their bathroom is.  Small corner bathtubs fit perfectly into the corner of a bathroom and takes up little space, but still provides enough room for a full size adult to bathe comfortably.Corner tubs set on pedestals allow for more depth and require less length.  The long end of the tub that is not in the corner can be long enough to accommodate anyone’s needs.  With a deeper tub, a person can fully submerge their body up to their neck, covering their shoulders.  This allows for a much more relaxing bath. Some small corner bathtubs can be equipped with water jets to sooth the bather.  A small corner bathtub offers great variety to the small bathroom with little or no space.  A shower head is an option to combine both the bath and shower in one place.  This is a great use of space and allows for smooth flow in the bathroom.  While bath space is coveted, no one wants to have a bathroom that is so cramped that you cannot even move in there.Baths have been part of our history since the 1800’s but were mainly just for washing ourselves.  Since there were no showers available in homes, the only way to stay clean was by taking a bath.  The bath was not to relax, but rather a necessary chore.  No one bathed every day, but rather once a week if that.  There even laws in place to regulate bathing.  Since then baths have become one of the most relaxing features in our bathrooms. Back in the day a bathtub might be placed in a small corner. Bathtubs nowadays are the centerpiece of the room.Small corner bathtubs add style and pizazz to any bathroom, no matter what size.  A far cry from the original clawfoot bathtub, the corner bathtub is contemporary and modern.  It is slick and will be the centerpiece of your bathroom, from which the remaining design should follow.  Chunky and block accessories should be considered as well as relaxing items such as candles, music, fluffy towels and soothing scents.  Since the tub is situated in the corner there is more room in the bathroom to possibly set up a vanity for putting on make up or getting dressed.  The bathroom should be your escape from the day where you can wash away and relax away the stresses of your day.  Everything in the bathroom should visually take you away to a stress free place.  Whatever speaks to you in terms of the ultimate in relaxation should be used.  From colors to pictures to scents.  If you love the ocean, decorate in blues and beiges or if you love the serenity of Italy, dark colors and roses are a great choice.  Small corner bathtubs can turn a ho hum bathroom into a modern masterpiece.