Tips on How to Repair Hardwood Floor Scratches

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Hardwood floor scratches are inevitable. At some point, scratches will happen. If you have hardwood flooring, it's important that you learn how to do simple scratch repairs yourself. However, before you start fixing any scratches, you'll need to learn how to differentiate between scratches and gouges on your hardwood floor.

A scratch is typically a visible,Guest Posting but not deep, marking on your hardwood floor's surface. Hardwood floor scratches can be caused by dragging furniture across the floor or by glass that has fallen and cut the surface of the floor. A gouge, however, is much deeper than a scratch. Think of a gouge as a "flesh wound" a hardwood floor could sustain. Dealing with a scratch is much different than dealing with a. For instance, it's useless to apply hardwood floor scratch remover on gouges.You'll need to be sure that you really are dealing with a scratch instead of a gouge before you can initiate any kind of scratch repair work. Between scratches and gouges, scratches on hardwood floors are much more common. It's near impossible to keep hardwood floors from getting scratches. Moving pieces of furniture across or dropping sharp objects like glass are not the only things that can cause scratches. You may be causing scratches on your hardwood floor when you sweep it with a broom with not-so-soft bristles or you wipe off spills using a hard piece of cloth.Again, scratches are nearly impossible to avoid, so the best thing you can do is learn how to deal with the scratches, like learning how to do simple scratch repairs. It's pretty simple; you don't have to hire a professional to do it for you.Follow these steps:1. Using a fine steel wool or sandpaper, rough up the scratched area.2. Rub the whole length of the scratch. Cover both margins.3. Make sure to rub in the direction of the wood grain, or rub in a circular motion to avoid damaging the wood and floor finish too much.3. Dampen a soft cloth with mineral spirits. Use the soft cloth to wipe off any wood and dust particles on the scratched area of the floor.4. Let the solution dry up on the floor. Depending on how big the scratch is, the scratch removal solution and how much of it you use, drying time may take from several minutes up to a few hours.5. Take a fine paintbrush, dip it in the finish originally used on the floor and brush it across the scratched area.  Wipe with a soft cloth.6. Be  careful and gentle when you brush in the finish onto the scratch. Too much or too little and the area will look much different from the rest of the hardwood floor. Brush in just enough finish so that it looks almost the same as the rest.7. Give the new finish some time to dry. This may take between 30 minutes to a few hours.If you followed the directions carefully, the scratch on your hardwood floor should be gone.

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