Understanding Allergens and Carpets

Feb 23


Niv Orlian

Niv Orlian

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Bear in mind that even though carpets can be a refuge for many people who have carpet allergies, except if you have failed to clean it on a regular basis the carpet is typically not the root of the problem for many allergic reactions. Carpets in fact perform similar to a filter which traps the allergens from the air and holds them down in the floor area.

A minute number of people indeed have a carpet allergy to certain kinds of carpet or even to the fumes that come from having new carpet in your home.  The good news is that the general populations of people have no carpet allergies when their homes are kept clean. Listed below is a compilation of many of the most typical household carpet allergies that could be present in your home.  Traditionally,Understanding Allergens and Carpets Articles these allergens are normally present in your carpet yet you can lower the effect of them by finding out additional information to handle them.-Carpet Dust MitesMore than any other reason for being sick, when it comes to allergies are the dust mites that are hiding in your carpet and its fibers. These mites are so tiny that you cannot see them with the naked eye, so it can be difficult to tell if there are dust mites, when you are looking for an allergy carpet treatment. Dust mites are so named because they can actually live in a dust particle due to their small sizes. Disgustingly, a dust mite will be able to survive by eating any skin that you have shed from your body and it also lives on nourishment of the dusts that they will eat. -Pet DanderWe all know that pets will shed and lose their fur all day, everyday but these loose pieces of fur and any skin that is also shed is what makes up the core of pet dander. Similar to the carpet dust mites, the pet dander are also very tiny is size and impossible to see. They do however, become attached to any of the carpet fibers in your rugs. For those individuals who decide to do without a carpet, they can become even sick than a carpet owner because each step that they take will simply make the pet dander become airborne. Once it is in the air, it is much easier for you to become ill when you inhale them through your nose and/or mouth.-PollenPollen is a word that in Latin it is defined as dust or fine flour. Pollen by itself can be a very small powder with a yellow grained consistency that adds fertilization to a plant that has flowers. Pollen can cause an extreme allergic reaction because it is created by a plant which has been pollinated when the wind moves the air and carries the pollen from plant to plant. Since pollens can ride on the air caused by the wind, you can easily find that pollen is part of your everyday life in your home. At different times of the year you can find that pollen is better or worse depending on the seasons and atmosphere around it. Like a pets dander and dust mites, you can find that it is almost impossible to eliminate pollen from the inside atmosphere of your house. Like the others, pollen can definitely be the source of your constant carpet allergies. You can however, work hard to ensure that these carpet allergies are kept to a minimum.There are products that you can buy to help you if you suspect that your rugs need an allergy carpet treatment.