Coping Up and Ensure Best Carpet Pad for Carpet Laying in Basements

Apr 2


Ma. Theresa Galan

Ma. Theresa Galan

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Because moisture is such a huge problem in basements, it can also become quite costly trying to create a secure moisture barrier between the ground and your new floor. Investing in the right basement carpet pad can help ward off these problems.


If the padding is for your home and you want your new carpet to last as long as possible,Coping Up and Ensure Best Carpet Pad for Carpet Laying in Basements Articles then you must select a padding that can support your carpet properly and is capable of handling all your needs and goals.Most specialty pads (odor eating and moisture barrier) are unnecessary and are an added expense most homeowners do not require and should avoid.

Basements can be very tricky places to install carpet and other soft flooring materials. Its important to protect the carpet by making sure that moisture will not seep up from the ground below. Moisture will ruin and spoil any carpet. Its important to note that moisture causes mildew which leads to mold, and this creates health hazards that can effect your family and their well-being. Any moisture that seeps through the ground can ruin even the best quality carpets and lead to unsightly mold growth.

Why use a Basement Carpet Pad?
  • A carpet pad is an underlay for your carpet. Since you will be investing a hefty sum in your carpet, it is wise to invest in a good carpet pad too. Whether carpet is in your basement or in your home, it is incomplete without a good quality pad underneath it.
  • Carpet pads provide an even layer under the carpet that takes in the pressure exerted on the carpet while walking. Thus, carpet pads increase the life of a carpet substantially. They reduce wear and tear and keep your carpet looking great.
  • Carpet pads make your carpet feel warmer and softer. If you have a thick carpet pad underneath the carpet you can relax on it while your children play comfortably.
  • Carpet pads offer moisture protection too. They prevent moisture from the floor underneath from damaging the carpet, keeping your carpet as good as new.

Moisture is undoubtedly a major problem in a basement. It makes the basement cold, depressing and spoils the carpeting too. While buying a basement carpet pad keep these points in mind

Dealing with moisture

Basements have a concrete sub-floor that lets moisture seep in. Care needs to be taken to make the basement moisture proof right at the time of construction. If moisture proofing of the sub-floor is done while it is being laid the problem is often resolved. If you are not sure that proper steps were followed during construction it is a sound idea to invest in a vapor barrier. Vapor barriers, as the name indicates, prevent moisture from reaching onto the carpet and keep the pad and carpet dry. At Auckland Carpet Steam 'N Dry we provide a variety of water damage restoration services including suitable vapor barriers that would work best for your carpet and home. The vapor barrier will keep dampness at bay and the carpet pad and carpet will remain moisture proof.

Dealing with Mildews

Mold and mildew love moisture. Whenever there is dampness they flourish creating unsightly patches on the carpet and damaging it. Basements are often unhygienic because they are damp and mold begins to colonize in viable areas like under the carpet and in nooks and corners. Basement carpets can be greatly damaged due to fungal growth. When buying a carpet for the basement ensure that it has antimicrobial properties. It is even more important to have an antimicrobial carpet pad. The carpet pad will not allow micro organisms to grow and will, thus, protect the carpet. Not only will your carpet stay clean, your basement will have a healthier environment too.

Although carpet pads are important for adding years to all kinds of carpets they assume special significance in case of basement carpets. On them rests the responsibility of combating moisture, fighting mildew and covering up unevenness. Surely, Basement carpet pads deserve special care and attention.

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