Use a smart charger for your rc car

Jan 6


Kim Hyo Yeon

Kim Hyo Yeon

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When you get a new rc car, you might as well learn the recommendations for a smart charger.


Using a smart charger for any rc car battery functionality is a great idea. Yet,Use a smart charger for your rc car Articles you might want to consider at first waiting 5 minutes to wait for a stable tension. This is because if the battery is and we just downloaded instantly recharge or cycle is a cycler. Having full control of the voltage, current and temperature of the elements to produce a good performance will do! This is to prevent a heavy load when the battery is too low.

Detect and report maximum temperature when the temperature reaches a critical value or when the temperature increase is too much for a given time. Try detecting a peak in the battery rc car voltage during charging, but this should be measured only after 30min of loading it may cause false peaks at the beginning of the load. The top smart charger is good:

o   To produce the cut when the battery voltage reaches 1.78 V per cell.

o   To produce the court when reaching a maximum charge time, depending on the number of elements, the loading regimen.

Remember that after detecting a break, you need to leave the battery on trickle charge (0.1C) by measuring the temperature never exceeds 35 °. Many of these recommendations will help you immensely, regarding the use of microcontrollers in rc car battery chargers.

Battery cycler

As a second part, which occurred after charging the battery elements, if they are not going to be used in a reasonable time, we recommend storing cycles before a few months. Should also apply the cycling process after the battery for some time been unused since this is how best to "rejuvenate" and allows for better autonomy and life.

A cycler is not nothing but a discharge circuit associated with the battery charger, what it does is download the pack and then advise you downloaded to reload the magazine again. If the discharge circuit also has a control circuit and the charger, we have the best combination, a charger / cycler smart!

Recommendations for a Smart Cycler

While we may not find much information about it, the logic should cycler:

v  Possible to select the rate of discharge, a maximum of 1C.

v  Having control over the discharge current and battery voltage.

v  Never discharge the battery below 0.8V per cell.

v  Stop discharge if the battery reaches a temperature higher than 35 º.

Basic rc car instrumentation is the minimum necessary for any project address. A modeler should have at least one to measure the voltage of your battery packs.