How to Keep A Longer life for You Laptop Battery

Nov 21


Pele Gao

Pele Gao

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The battery life on a laptop is really important and people want a longer life for their battery. How to keep a longer life for laptop battery? There are something that users can do for keeping their notebook's battery live longer. In this article, I just give some of suggestions of mine. Hope this article can help you.


Laptop battery is one of the necessities for the usage of laptop. When you need to work without a external power supply or mobile officing,How to Keep A Longer life for You Laptop Battery Articles we need our laptop's battery. So it is important to know how to maintain our laptop battery well for a long time power supply. In this article I will introduce you some small tips on how to keep your notebook battery well.

Most of the notebook battery on the market now is Li-ion. To know your laptop battery you need to know battery capacity, rated voltage, the normal use temperature.

You can find the battery capacity from your battery. On your battery, the capacity will be print on you battery as XXX mAh. Here the XXX is your capacity. In most cases, the bigger the number of the capacity, the longer you can use your laptop without a external powerful supply. However, in fact, the battery life is also related to the hardware of the notebook. The higher of the hardware configuration, the more powerful will be spent. And the bigger the computation, the faster the battery spend.

Rated voltage is divided into laptop batteries rated voltage and notebook rated voltage. There are differences between the two rated voltage. Laptop batteries rated voltage is the voltage that stay the longest time when battery discharge. When you use the laptop with external powerful supply or just charged, the voltage is higher than just use. So the rated voltage on the battery is lower than laptop rated laptop.

The normal use temperature is a temperature range that laptop can work normally. Under the non-normal circumstances, it is dangerous to use your notebook, such as explosion, leakage and power outage. In most cases, it is really safe to use your laptop.

Most users want to how to keep their laptop battery's life longer. In the following words, I will show you some tips on how to use your laptop battery correctly.

Many users charge their Li-ion over 12 hours for the first 3 time when they get a new battery. It is a controversial topic. Producers said that users need to do that to active their battery fully. It sounds like a really credible reason. However, do you ever think this question. If the laptop's battery is nonactive, when they are sold to customers, it is a semi-finished product. Not everyone who buy a laptop can active their battery themselves. It is impossible.

But it is necessary to do that, because there will be a long time between the battery is active and it is sold to users. And during the waiting time, the battery is discharge naturally and when customer get their brand new laptop, the battery power is lower than they are carried out of factory. So we need to help the laptop to discharge, but not all. When there is 5% power remain, we need to plug the powerful. We need to do that 3 times to help the battery clear up their memory.

Secondly, many users have a question that if they need to use their battery up then charge them. The answer to this question is right. But it is really a trouble for most of the users. Of course, here I need to say that you need to charge your battery before 3% remain. It is proved that it is a kind of hurt to battery for use up the power and shorten the life of battery. So we can charge our battery when our laptop prompt that the power is low.

Some producers said that their Li-ion do not memory. It is a misleading for customers. So When your laptop have relatively much power, it is better do not charge your battery. Memory effect is a process of battery content crystallization when you use the battery. It is obvious in Nickel-cadmium battery, but not in Li-ion. It will make the life of your battery shorten and reduce the use time. It is necessary to keep a nice habit. Do not charge the battery when there is much power remain.

Third, how to deal with a battery that you will not use it for a long. My suggestion is to remain 40% to 50% power and keep it in low temperature shady place. And it is better if you use it once per month.

At last, I will talk about how to keep the battery a longer life. As we know that battery is a consumable product. It will be die one day after a long time use. So how to keep it longer? Do I need to use my laptop not often? No, we buy laptop to use, but not to keep their battery life longer. My advice is that keep a good habit when you use your notebook. It's enough.