What is Mass loaded vinyl and how is it used?

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The day that mass loaded vinyl was introduced to the soundproofing industry was the day that the soundproofing world changed forever. Mass loaded vinyl is one of the highest rated and top selling soundproofing materials on the market today and was developed as a non-toxic replacement for lead sheeting, which had been used for years as a soundproofing agent.

American mass loaded vinyl consists of a high-grade vinyl mat that is impregnated with barium salts and silica (sand) to give it the same characteristics as lead sheeting but without the toxicity of raw lead. The secret to the soundproofing qualities of mass loaded vinyl lies in its sheer mass and ability to block unwanted sound transmission through walls and ceilings. MLV as it is known as is a reflective barrier material that is used to soundproof walls and ceilings. Homeowners like the fact that mass loaded vinyl is safe for any room in the house. MLV took the market by storm when it was first introduced. Lead sheeting was scarce and difficult to obtain in usable quantities for soundproofing,Guest Posting not to mention its toxic nature. Mass loaded vinyl is a completely safe, non-toxic limpid mat that is attached directly to studs or joists of walls and ceilings. The vinyl is then sealed at the seams and around the perimeter with a quality acoustical caulk which makes it a highly effective soundproof barrier. Once the caulk has been applied, it is recommended that you tape the caulked seams of the vinyl in order to maintain the membrane effect of the product. MLV has given the face of soundproofing a fresh new look and has proven itself to be a most effective sound blocking reflective barrier. It is the only real alternative to lead sheeting or fiberglass insulation batting. It has surpassed the standards of other popular soundproofing products and remains an economical and effective soundproofing product. Mass loaded vinyl is the perfect soundproofing product for residential and commercial spaces, not to mention all industrial, home theater and studio applications. Of equal importance, mass loaded vinyl meets most building codes and is used extensively throughout the United States and Canada. MLV will block the noise of high traffic areas, trains and railroad crossings, aircraft and airport noise as well as a myriad of other unwanted outdoor sounds. The American mass loaded vinyl is one of the most cost effective sound reducing agents on the market today. Compared to the cost of lead sheeting and the labor involved in installing lead, mass loaded vinyl stands at the forefront of the soundproofing industry for both effectiveness and affordability. It is the perfect solution for noisy neighbors, city and suburban traffic noise, aircraft sounds, loud car stereos as well as a variety of other intrusive indoor and outdoor noises. There is no better soundproofing barrier on the market today than American mass loaded vinyl. Thanks for reading and learning about this remarkable soundproofing product. To learn more about mass loaded vinyl and other soundproofing agents, go to the soundproofing blog at: http://massloadedvinyl.blogspot.com/

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