What to Look for in a Roofing Estimate

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Many roofing contractors offer no obligation estimates.  But do you really know how to compare them when you have them side by side?  What are you looking for to make sure you choose the best company for the job?

Getting estimates is important when choosing a Minneapolis roofing contractor to install your new roof.  Getting estimates is the straight forward part of the process,Guest Posting now you have to interpret them.  Making choices between contractors can be confusing take time to understand what you are looking at.


How your Minneapolis roofing contractor produces an estimate may be a good sign of the quality of work to expect.  They should ask you questions about your existing roof and your expectations for your new roof.  They should also be able and willing to answer any questions that you may have.  After that they need to physically examine your roof.  An experienced roofer may be able to give a reasonably accurate estimate from the ground looking at your roof.  However surprise may lurk above!  Examining your roof first hand will allow the roofer to spot any potential problems that may increase the cost of your roof.  While inspecting your roof they should count vents and look at your flashing.


The roofer you choose should show that they respect your home by using their own equipment and keeping your home and lawn clean.  This means that they bring and use their own ladder to inspect your roof and don’t leave debris in your lawn when they leave.  A worker who doesn’t do this while giving an estimate is unlikely to leave a clean work site behind after your roof is installed.  After putting together your estimate a quality contractor will explain to you what you are looking at, not simply leave you with a piece of paper.


Now it is time to review your estimates.  You should make sure your estimate covers not only the cost of materials you will need and labor, but also the cost to remove and dispose of your current roof and garbage.  Remember a superior contractor will happily answer your questions about how a total was reached if you don’t understand the estimate provided to you. Be wary if it is confusing or unclear what exactly you are paying for or if your contractor is dodging questions about totals. 


There are a few other things that should raise red flags on your estimate.  If your total has been calculated incorrectly, BIG red flag.  You don’t want sloppy math to end up costing you a couple hundred dollars!  If something seems too good to be true, it is.  If you are comparing three estimates and one contains a significantly lower labor cost than the other two this should probably be cause for concern.  This contractor may be using unskilled or untrained labor to lower their costs. It’s also possible they may not be carrying the proper insurance.  It’s crucial the company you work with is insured properly in the event of an accident while they are working on your property. 


Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  If you are going to compare prices have everyone bid the same material.  If one company is bidding an asphalt roof and the other wood shingles your estimates are going to range wildly.  The type of insulation being used will also affect your bottom line.  While someone bidding less significant insulation may be able to provide a lower cost, you will pay for it for years to come with increased utility costs.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the estimates that you receive you’ll want to consider them thoughtfully. Remember numbers aren’t everything you should also call references for the Minneapolis roofing contractors you are considering working with.  Your roofing project is a large one, don’t rush into a decision that should be made thoughtfully. 


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