Whirpool Standard in the American Bathroom

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How American Standard is putting whirlpools in American bathrooms

American Standard Makes the Whirlpool Standard in the American BathroomUp until the last decade,Guest Posting standard and whirlpool were not generally used in the same sentence.  Whirlpools were for the affluent and well to do.  Or if you are lucky enough to afford a local gym membership, a whirlpool comes standard.  American Standard manufactures many of the standard whirlpools found in public institutions.Today, with new technology, whirlpools can be standard in an American home. Economically priced and easier to install, a standard whirlpool in your home can now be a reality. American Standard has incorporated the whirlpool into the standard American bathtub.  There are three tub models available, one being a corner model to accommodate small or odd shaped bathrooms.Whirlpools in the standard American bathtub are generally built in.  Retrofitting a bathtub with a whirlpool is usually quite difficult, doesn’t always work and is not recommended. Standard whirlpools are installed at the time of manufacture at American Standard.  Affordability putting the whirlpool in the standard American bathroom is a task American Standard is proud to accomplish. Whirlpools in the standard American bathroom offer water massage therapy in the privacy of your own home.  Most standard whirlpools from American Standard comfortably hold two people and come equipped with built in seats and arm/head rests. American Standard whirlpools are design to fit with your bathroom décor; rather than stand out as being a whirlpool.  How you choose to enclose your standard whirlpool however is where your standard whirlpool can become the stunning focal point of your bath. The possibilities are endless; from traditional mill-work framing to elaborate tile; the choice is yours.There are some special considerations when deciding to add a whirlpool to your bathroom.  The floor under your whirlpool bathtub needs to be strong enough to support the weight of the tub. A whirlpool is larger and deeper than standard bathtubs.  This additional size results in more weight when the unit is full of water.With American Standard, six jet whirlpools are standard. Some models of American Standard whirlpools are comprised of a material called Acrylux. Acrylux was developed by American Standard and only is available from American Standard.  Features of Acrylux are a lustrous scratch resistant surface, easy care and maintenance, along with durability; all at a very affordable price.American Standard whirlpools are also available in models that utilize Americast construction.  American Standard spent seven years researching and developing Americast.  Americast is an alternative to cast iron.  Weighing fifty percent less than cast iron, in addition to being easier and less costly to produce, Americast has revolutionized enamel whirlpools.Americast takes special enamel, adjoins it to an alloy, and then bonds it to a molded backing.  The backing is pre-formed by injection molding and eliminates trying to manipulate iron metal.  The special enamel is also exclusive to American Standard and is made by mixing enamel with hard quartz to produce a surface that is chip and craze resistant.  The tub surface is also slip resistant making it safer.A limited lifetime warranty for your whirlpool is standard when American Standard manufactures it.  The latest technology comes standard too.  Whisper quiet jets, two speeds and a pulsating feature; make American Standard whirlpools some of the best in the industry. American Standard makes whirlpools in the standard American bathroom a real possibility.

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