5 Common Mistakes in PHP Application Development

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PHP is an open source server-side scripting language for web development. Erstwhile PHP stood for Personal Home Page, and now is known as Hypertext Preprocessor. The PHP group provides the complete source code for users to generate and customize it for usage. It is available free of charge and has a wide used on millions of websites and web servers.

Its simplicity and ease of use makes it the prefered language to code. No wonder it is the preferred choice for the web application development services. Though this particular merit of PHP application development turns to a problem as well. The codes when replicated without much thought and inspection lead to errors. This ends up spoiling the final web application project. It leads to glitches in design to security and everything in between.

Though one can mitigate the risks if the problems that can arise are known before hand.  
Read further to know these mistakes that are common with PHP Application Development.

  • Punctuation Errors : PHP application is not controlled by sophisticated and expensive softwares for writing the codes. Any basic text editor is good to write codes. But the limitations of the simple text editors comes in the way of problems in coding. Errors with forgetting or misplacing quotes,Guest Posting braces or semicolons leads to syntax errors. Also, the strings keys if not enclosed between matching quotes leads to errors. A coder can avoid this by ensuring checks on the punctuation errors in their written codes.
  • Input Validation : If you have spent time with PHP development services, you know the user generated errors. For instance, if a user inputs alphabets in the numeric field, an error is ought to generate. This would raise concerns on the quality of coding done by the developer. To avoid such a scenario, PHP coding should validate all the data which the users will feed. There are various methods to conduct a regular expression match against the input data. It will take care of the attacks that can happen to the site owing to the errors in user input data.
  • Cache Issues : Many PHP developers in their early stages of coding careers forget to take care of cache issues. Neglecting to install a cache layer in codes hampers the website loading speed. Not to mention that it causes an external load on the servers and impacts the user experience in a negative way. To avoid this, the codes can have an addition of any of the cache types. Query, Redis, Varnish are just the popular ones to name a few.
  • Compromising Error Reporting : To someone outside the coding world, it is like using Word in “check spelling and grammar” mode. It is not only annoying but also takes your attention off your coding. Having said that, its usage is not something to be abolished all together. Just as editing and writing go hand in hand, same is for the real-time error reporting in PHP coding. The middle path to using error reporting without interference with coding is php.ini file. This allows the coder to see all the errors at a single place to fix at an future appropriate time. This way the user experience enhances while the coder is able to give due attention to their coding.
  • Insecure Session ID's : This mistake is quite common among PHP application development. Leaving out insecure session ids risks the security of the resultant web pages. When it comes to any web property, security is a major concern. Months of hard work and time spent on a project goes for a toss with lack of proper security measures.

Using proper coding security measures like adding shai1 to the codes takes care of this issue.

These were just the basic and common 5 common mistakes in PHP Application Development Services. Is there something that you struggle with your daily PHP Application Development job? Do let us know more about it.

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