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Feb 16 11:42 2005 David A. Saharkhiz Print This Article

HTML sounds daunting to the novice webmaster, who often assumes that the HyperText Markup Language, with all its confusing tags and elements, is going to be difficult to understand.

But after a few good website tutorials,Guest Posting the novice learns that learning HTML can be easy and fun; the language is not far removed from archaic typesetting syntax, and once you learn the basics, it's smooth sailing from then on....or is it?Tables are a big stumbling block for some, and as simple as they are, some novices just don't seem to get them right away. If you can't seem to make sense of tables, today's the day that you finally conquer them! Tables will open a new world of formatting possibilities and allow you to position your content in amazing ways! Start learning by checking out this free HTML table generator and this tutorial on HTML tables. Use the generator to test your knowledge of tables, and use the guide to learn more advanced techniques.People have been doing amazing things with tables since 1995. Join the party - it's not too late!

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