Crouching Tiger Flying Squirrel

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Kind of like a squirrel's version of the Matrix. But the love scene could not be matched. Sexual stereotypes prevail cross species. read more to find out.

Now last summer I had seen Crouching Tiger Flying Squirrel. Three against one running up and down the Pine Trees. Well falling down. What was amazing was they were still fighting as they fell,Crouching Tiger Flying Squirrel Articles with no fear. They just figured that a twenty foot Pitch Pine tree, on average, would have anywhere from 11 to 21 branches. If they miss six they can grab at any of the remaining 15 or so as they fell and run back up the tree to start this free fall Kung Fu once more.

Now I thought that was amazing.

Until this Spring.

Did you know that squirrels in heat turn bright red. I did not. Also that modesty in the female of the cuts against species. Also the single mindedness and intense focus of men, when they are getting laid that is. I caught two squirrels in a tree. She kept giving me the look of death. She turned upside down to stare at me to leave, then went around the tree to the top, still seeing me watching, fell through the remaining fifteen branches to catch three from the ground, and run away to a more private perch. With the male still pumping away upside down, turning around the tree, ignoring me, falling a great height, and being carried across the forest with single pursuit.

Now that was amazing.

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