Mr. Politician, leave the middle-class alone

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What belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God, that is the question.

I'm not quite sure where the term "middle class" came from. I can never remember using it in any conversations I've ever had. In fact,Guest Posting the only time I hear the phrase is when some politician is speaking. From the context of the speech, I am quite sure he or she does not know what the phrase means, either.

My wife and I were talking about that just this past week. The thing we could not quite figure out is, are we middle-class? And if we are middle-class, what in the world does it mean? And, when do we graduate?

In high school, I was neither in the middle of my class nor at the upper end. Unfortunately, I did not even come in last in my graduating class, for someone beat me to that fine distinction. My educational career was not a class act, to be sure.

I understand what the word "middle," means. And I know the word, "class." What does it mean when you put them both together and use it in a sentence?

When I'm in the middle of a project, I am not at the beginning and the end is a far piece away. When I hear the word class, I am thinking of homework, teachers and all that jazz. Who wants to be a teenager the second time around? I've had enough of that in my lifetime.

I'm not quite sure about all this middle-class politicalizing and I sure do not want to be the target of some political agenda. I would like to sponsor a bill that would outlaw this phrase for any elected official. If perchance they do mention the phrase, it's a go-to-jail and don't collect $100 act.

Maybe we can come up with a new term. We have the term "racist" that people use at their discretion. Maybe we can coin a phrase like "middle-classist" and forbid its use in polite society. Of course, how many politicians are really found in polite society? Or, how many polite society venues would welcome a politician?

If we try hard enough, we can make it one of the most offensive phrases in the English language. So offensive, that people will stop using it. Of course, they would have to come up with some other phrase and then we are back in first grade again.

To be honest, this problem of the "middle-classist" is not a Republican or a Democrat issue. One side is as guilty as the other side. And, as we all know, a politician by any other name is still a rascal.

Every politician courts the middle-class, and what a blushing bride she makes. All through the election, this "middle-classist" politician will romance those he believes are middle-class. And many of the middle-class falls for it. The courtship is wonderful; it's the marriage that really stinks. This is the only case in which I would cast an approving eye toward divorce.

The middle-class raises most of the money that gets these politicians elected who then in turn refuses returning the favor. After elected this "middle-classist" politician chums around with high-class people and then passes legislation that only benefits the lower class people whoever they are.

Wherefore art thou, O middle-class?

Certainly not on the agenda of this "middle-classist" politician.

The middle-class comes in at tax time. Hooray for the middle-class. I wonder if anybody has ever given the thought that most of the money in Washington DC has come from this group called the middle-class.

The middle-class can help the neophyte politician get his political dream job with all the benefits that goes with it but the politician does not seem to know how to help other people get jobs for themselves. History has shown us that they know how to spend money but when it comes to saving money, they come to a stupefied and stuttering halt.

Middle-class money earned by middle-class people working at middle-class jobs goes to Washington DC to be used by "middle-classist" politicians for everything but middle-class concerns. When will the insanity stop?

In the Old Testament, the Jewish law required that every seventh year be a year of rest. Although I am not Jewish, I think there is something to be said for this kind of  rest. I propose that the middle-class be given its due sabbatical.

How many years have we've been working and then giving our money to Washington DC? We deserve a rest. If these "middle-classist" politicians look so kindly towards the middle-class, why not give all of us middle-class people a sabbatical where we do not pay any taxes. We certainly will work, but all the money we would normally send to Washington DC, we put in our own pocket.

Now, that's change I can believe in.

In fact, I have biblical authority for all of this. Authority from the mouth of Jesus himself. "And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. And they marveled at him" (Mark 12:17 KJV).

Not all those “middle-classist” politicians in Washington give a second thought to the middle-class. I think it is about time we gave them as much thought.

I believe the primary problem in America is that we no longer know what belongs to Caesar what belongs to God. If we can ever figure that out again, "happy days are here again."

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