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This is a spoof on Strong Man competitions.

So I am sitting here watching one of those World’s Strongest Man competitions. What is up with this? Why is there a guy flipping over a giant tire? I mean when will that skill come in handy? “Honey,Guest Posting grab the groceries and that giant tire”. Or that guy. He is picking up these huge boulders and carrying them for like 100 yards and putting them on a pedestal. WHAT? Who sat there and thought “I have an idea, Let’s make a competition where some giant foreign guy lugs around the biggest rock we can find.”

For some reason I can’t stop watching it. I really want to see if this meat-head can pull an airplane. I don’t get it. Don’t they have little cars that pull the airplanes on the runway? I mean there can’t be a huge demand for that ability. I can see the newspaper add now, “Airport looking for gigantic human to pull planes into the parking area.” And then this guy, he is carrying two huge baskets full of rocks. That can’t be comfortable. I mean I’m looking at him. He is grunting, straining and I think he is crying. You would think that someone in the audience would say,” Um, you know you don’t have to do that.” And the audience is just as funny. I can see them now, “Honey, look Ulgof is picking up that truck, do you see that?” I am waiting at any moment for a loud rip sound to come from the groin of the guy lifting the telephone poll. So here I sit typing and watching this ridiculous show and feeling a bit inadequate. The last thing I picked up was the turkey sandwich I made for lunch.

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