4 Top Reasons as to Why You Should Integrate Google Plus in Your Social Media Marketing Programs

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Facebook seems to have the biggest Face in the social media realm. A great medium to spread the message (about you, your business, your products and services)!

But,Guest Posting I believe I’m here to tell you some tips (to be precise, 5 tips) on how you can place your arm on the shoulder of Google Plus and make him (let’s assume, Google Plus is a human begin (is there any harm?)) work for you… for driving more traffic to your website. Are you excited (at least, I’m)? So, shall we start? Here I go.

62 Millions Users are now on Google Plus… the figure is just going up, up, and above

Just found the figure online. Now, this figure along is enough to suggest that any business (of any size) should immediately call for an integration of Google Plus into its overall Social Media Marketing Plans. No harm, only gains!

The Connection Factor

Do you know that over 1 billion people use Google’s search engine every month? I mean, just imagine it. 1 billion people! Having your presence on Google Plus means you stand a chance to potentially tap into that traffic. And, have I divulged the secret that Google Plus pages are now showing up in search results? Yes, they are. Now is the time for seeing Social Media Marketing from a newer, better perspective.

Google’s Circles

Now, this feature termed as, ‘Circles’, is nothing short of a boon for businesses (like yours). This is especially true for businesses that cater to certain demographics. Now, you’ve the liberty to create different content for your different segments of customers by putting them into different ‘Circles’. You can even send special offers to your customers in a certain geographic ‘Circle’. Now, this alone will save you from all the mess that is going to take place when you’ve all your customers at one place. ‘Circles’ enable you to classify your customers easily and offer them precise solutions as per their need.

Google Plus’s Collaboration

Must have heard about Google Plus’s ‘Hangouts’ feature! Now, you can not only use it for video chatting, but also as a virtual whiteboard for those brainstorming sessions. Your employees will also be able to work on shared files in Google Docs from remote locations. Now, isn’t this great? It surely is (at least, for me).

Hope I’ve been able to convince you on using Google Plus as part of your Social Media Marketing Plans! No. Not an issue, I’ll keep trying (I love to persuade people!). However…

Make sure you don’t do it all by yourself. Instead, look for an experienced Interactive Marketing Agency which could help you with this. Also ask for Search Engine Optimization India and Pay per Click Services India.

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