9 strong Reasons to go positive for a Facebook Fan Page or Company Page

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Here are 9 right reasons to form a custom Facebook fan page or Facebook company page. Also know what custom features you can implement on the Facebook Company Page.

Facebook page customization has become a craze among brands. Everybody wants to utilize the marketing opportunity on the world’s top social networking site. So companies are building awesome brand pages or Facebook fan pages. There is no limit to get creative on Facebook fan pages as there are bulk number of Facebook applications and Facebook API tools.

Why should one make go for a Facebook fan page?

Here are nine reasons for having your own Facebook fan page:

•    Huge target audience: You are getting opportunity to represent your brand in front of millions of people. It is a fact that Facebook is the site where people spend most of their time on internet. People might be interested to view your company page apart from doing the basic social networking action.
•    Free: The cost for keeping a Facebook fan page is free to so people would love to have such a page.
•    Like button: The ‘Like’ button on a Facebook fan page is really addictive. If your Facebook fan page is really entertaining,Guest Posting Facebook users would like your page more. More and more people would join the Facebook ‘Like’ movement.
•    Further visitor tracking: Facebook gives you option to see who liked your page. You have the further option to communicate with your fans for further business opportunities.
•    Facebook apps: You can add Facebook’s own apps on the page for having more facility, interactivity for the fans.
•    Photo / Video upload: There is provision for adding excellent photos and videos on the company / individual profile. This creates a natural impression for the visitors on Facebook.
•    Further SEO: Your Facebook company page will have a fixed URL. You can further promote that fan page link on various marketing campaigns. That will increase your fan page’s ranking on search engines.
•    Future changes: You can change the time-to-time offers on the Facebook fan page. Photos, videos, graphic template - everything can be changed. Visitors will love to visit your fan page when they see that you have new page content and a new attractive offer to show them.
•    Customization: Facebook has own HTML version to customize its pages. They call it FBML. You can adopt a unique display of the Facebook page. All you will need an expert Facebook fan page designer.

Where to find an expert for Facebook fan page design? Codeclouds Technologies ( http://www.codeclouds.com/ ) tries to engage your consumers with your Facebook fan page. 

The company’s FBML developers can keep different page items on your custom fan page design:

•    Displaying your product highlights on the Facebook page with nice graphics
•    Keep short links of your product reviews
•    Questions and answers about your product / service
•    Fans highlight
•    Attractive sales promotion coupons, offers
•    Updation of the design with new offers, look and feel

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors in Facebook marketing, it is time to have your own brand identity on Facebook. And Codeclouds IT solutions Pvt. Ltd. ( http://www.cisplimited.com/ ) is there to build your custom Facebook fan page with great zeal and creativity.

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