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While your wedding website is all about you and your special day, you still want your guests to enjoy the site just as much as you do. If you want to create a wedding website that allows you to share your story while filling the guests in with the information they need, follow these wedding website tips.


Make Your Wedding Website Personal

Your entire wedding website is about you and your love,Guest Posting and you need to incorporate this when you create a wedding website. Your first step in the wedding website creation process is to design a landing a page. This page will tell your visitors where they are, and why they should be interested in viewing your site. You will want to include personal elements that welcome each guest to your site, and explain exactly what they can expect when they come to your wedding. Make sure to use language that is speaking directly to them, rather than leaving them wondering if they are really on the right wedding website.

Logical Order is Good

No matter how the template or wedding website examples that you have seen arrange the pages of the website, you need to make sure you are following a logical order when you create a wedding website. This means that you should provide the most important information on the first page, followed by the next most important thing your guests should know on subsequent pages. A good wedding website example order would be:

  • When – This should include the entire date, as well as the time that the ceremony starts. It is generally a good idea to provide additional information as well, including any time gaps that should be expected and planned for accordingly.
  • Where – Your guests will need an exact name, address, and phone number for the venue. You should also embed a map or interactive site so that your guests can find their way to your wedding.
  • Proper Attire – Different venues require different modes of dress. Let your guests know whether they need to dress formally, or if your beach wedding is totally casual. If you have any preferences for what you would like for your guests to wear, or items you want them to avoid, this is the place to let them know. And don’t worry about offending anyone either – this is your day, and you have every right to ask Uncle Joe to leave those heavy metal t-shirts at home.

Keep it Simple

When you create a wedding website, you need to realize that there will be a wide range of people visiting the site. Keep everything as simple as possible to navigate to make sure those that are unfamiliar with computers aren’t overwhelmed. You should also make sure to use fonts that are easy to read – that flowing cursive may look gorgeous, but if it is difficult to read, it will cause problems for your guests.

Contact Information

You should also include contact information when you create a wedding website. This includes the venue and reception location phone numbers, and names and phone numbers of those who are assigned to handle certain tasks, such as gifts, travel plans, and other information.

Perfect Everything

If you want your site to look amazing for you and your guests, it will take time to get everything exactly right. You will also want to make sure you go over the finished product with a fine-toothed comb to make sure there are no spelling errors, missing or blank information, or areas that do not flow as well as others. This will ensure you create a wedding website that everyone will enjoy visiting.

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