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DVD region free software will allow you to copy your CSS protected games and movies. You can also remove Macrovision analogue copy protection. It decrypts on the fly so that there is no need to save the data onto the hard disk.

There are lots of reasons to copy your DVDs,Guest Posting and none of them are illegal. Children and pets are the biggest reasons. These shiny, digital donuts make perfect racetracks for toy cars and excellent Frisbees. Of course, the number of ways a prized DVD can be ruined goes up exponentially according to the number of children you have. To protect your DVD investment, it is usually a good idea to copy or rip your DVD to your computer in case Child decides to color the sparkly side.

However, manufacturers have several tricks up their sleeve to protect their investment. Region codes, RPC-2, CSS, Macrovision, RIPLOCK, and user operation prohibitions make it difficult to copy or play DVDs.

Region codes on DVDs are a controversial issue. The world is divided into 6 main regions, with 2 regions—7 and 8—are used as screener copies and for international play. For example, the USA uses Region 1, while Australia uses Region 4. DVD players are usually wired to only be able to play 1 or 2 regions. This maximizes the movie studio’s investments because it gives them control over where the DVDs are being sold.

RPC-2 limits how many times you are able to change the region that is playable on a DVD player. It usually limits it to less than 5 changes, then “locks” it at the last region set.

CSS, or Content Scrambling System encrypts data from DVDs to keep unlicensed players from playing the DVD. It is a weak system but somewhat effective.

Macrovision prevents DVDs and VHS videotapes from being recorded or copied. On videotapes, Macrovision will scramble the picture or make it fade in and out. On DVDs, the player will simply say it is “copy-protected” and will stop recording. Although there are many illegal reasons to bypass Macrovision, there are also many legal reasons. For example, Macrovision will often keep old or worn home videos from being played. Sidestepping the Macrovision to be able to view these videos is completely legal.

RIPLOCK slows down the ripping process. It is still possible to rip your DVDs, but it takes a much longer time. This was implemented because it reduces the amount of pirated DVDs being sold—if it takes 2 hours to rip an hour-long movie, it is less cost-effective to pirate it.

UOPs, or User Operation Prohibitions keep you from performing certain operations during specific parts of the DVD. For example, you are unable to fast-forward past the FBI warnings and copyright notices at the beginning of a DVD. Some DVD players can be set to ignore this, and there is software available that can bypass it.

Although there are many obstacles to copying your DVDs, there are also many softwares available to bypass or remove these protections. Although pirating DVDs is unethical and illegal, bypassing these makes copying home videos easier.

Top DVD Region Free Software Programs

1. AnyDVD

2. DVD Region Free

3. DVDXGhost

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