Google Search Not Working Is It Down Or Affected How To Fix

Apr 7


Tom Cruss

Tom Cruss

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Almost every individuals know about the Google search, which plays an active role in the current era by acting as an entrance to the internet’s world.


People can’t imagine their life without Google search. Sometimes people are complaining about the search engine are not working properly. Here in this article,Google Search Not Working Is It Down Or Affected How To Fix Articles it has been articulated in such a way, where you can get a speedy solution to any problem.

You may go through the below-narrated steps to get an instant result of the ‘Google Search Not Working’ problem:

  • Reboot device:Firstly, the user needs to reboot their device for resolving the issues with the not working condition of Google search. Switch off the device and wait for a minute and then switch on the device.
  • Check and fix internet connectivity: User whoface trouble with Google Search, they need to check the internet connection, if there is an issue with internet connection then fix the issues. 
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Chrome App:Any one of Google search needs to uninstall and then again reinstall the Google Chrome app to resolve the issue.
  • Clear and cache data: The user of Google Search needs to clean the data from the Google app for a better functioning App. Update the Chrome App: The user needs to do regularly Update the Google chrome app with the latest version of the App, for get a solution to the problem with Google search.
  • Clear Browsing data: The user needs to clean all the browsing data for resolving the search option issues.