How Do I Recover My Google Account Password Using My Phone Number

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To recover your account using the recovery page, verify your identity by following a few quick and reliable steps:

First,Guest Posting go to the Google recovery page.
Then you need to select the option to select I don't know the password.
Click on the Continue button.
You can get a verification code as long as you associate a phone number.
Reset the password by entering the verification code.
Create a strong password that includes numeric alphabets.
How to restore your Google account without another email
Technical problems always crop up uninvited, anywhere, anytime, and you can run into long-term problems when you can't access important documents.
So, if you have a blocked Google account and you forgot your email. Email address, you need to quickly perform a Google account recovery without an alternate email address. Email ID Steps:
Open Gmail in a web browser.
You must click I forgot my password.
Now you will move on to the next one, where you will have to enter the last password you remembered.
Enter the last password and click I forgot my password.
You will now receive various verification methods to reset your password.
Click Reset Password with Security Confirmation.
Enter the answer to your security question when creating a new Gmail account.
You will now be asked to enter a new password that is strong enough.
Re-enter your password using the same one that you can easily retrieve in your Google account.

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