How to fix Google search not working in chrome

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If you are the user of the Google account, you can understand the simple value of Google search that helps you to search the answer to your question and make yourself proud. Unfortunately, if you face any trouble and Google search not working in Chrome, it is your responsibility to redress this problem soon. In your responsibility, we are involved as you can contact us to find the immediate advice and help to solve this problem as soon as possible.

How to fix Google search not working issue?

Sometimes the users face some issue while using Google Chrome. At the time of any search Google Chrome stops responding,Guest Posting which we call as Google search not working in chrome.

Why this Google search not working in chrome issue occurs?

Google search can stop working due to many reasons. But the most common reasons are given below:

  • Bad internet connection or slow internet connection can be a reason behind Google search not working in chrome.
  • It can also be due to old version of Chrome. If you are using old version of Chrome then it is possible that you may get no response or a very slow response.
  • Presence of Cache and cookies can also be a reason for Google search not working.
  • If you are using windows without updating it then it may affect the functioning of your device and even Google Search.
  • Presence of virus can also act as a barrier in the smooth function of Google Search in Chrome.

How to fix Google search not working in chrome?

Fixing this search related issue is an easy task and can be done using the following hacks:

Check your internet connection:  Before doing anything just check your internet connection. It happens that Google search stops working due to some connectivity issue or slow internet. You can turn off your internet connection and connect it again to resolve the connectivity related issue.

Update you Chrome version: Chrome can stop working if it is not updates frequently. So you should update your Chrome frequently for a smooth functioning of Google Chrome in your device.

Remove cache and cookies: You may face a lot of problems in using Google Search in Chrome due to the presence of lots of Cache. Deleting all the browsing data will surely help you out in fixing the Google search not working issue.

Windows update: Chrome may stop working if your windows is not updates. Check for an update and update your windows if there is any update available for a smooth functioning of Chrome.

Remove Virus: Scan for the viruses and remove it if you find any in your system. This will allow a proper functioning of your device and Google Chrome too.

If you are still facing Google search not working in chrome related issue then you can contact the customer care service of Google.

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These were some of the ways through which the Google search not working in chrome can be fixed, if still user is facing any hassle then contact customer care service or dial the helpline number1-802-300-5388 to seek help, their executives will assist to resolve the problem as around the time. Google offers one of the best customer service as well as facilities all across the world.

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