How to Fix Login Problems on Website with Google Chrome

Jul 6


David Sem

David Sem

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In this Article, we have discussed about the login problems on website with Google Chrome, so that you will get to know about the in and out of Google Chrome.


Sometimes,How to Fix Login Problems on Website with Google Chrome Articles it can be a problematic situation when you try to load your site with the Google Chrome Web browser on your PC and get that you can’t sign into any of the sites. At that point of time, check the settings in the Preferences menu of your Chrome web browser to ensure you can fix the problems on your own. If you’re not sure about the functions of Chrome browser, it is better to seek the help of experts on the Google Chrome phone support number. If the configurations are in a direction, check whether if someone has got unauthorized access to the accounts. There are some solutions you can take a try to troubleshoot the problems if you still can’t sign into any website in Chrome.

Solution 1 – Upgrade Google Chrome

The Google Chrome web browser is freely available to download, and it’s much compatible with almost all operating systems, for example, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android devices as well. You can also improve the functionality of your Chrome browser by adding add-ons and extensions, as well as changing the appearance by using unique themes. You can easily download the Chrome from the Google’s official site and use it as an alternative option to your default browser that came equipped with your PC. If your Chrome browser is not working correctly, then you should try to upgrade it to the latest version to fix broken files, get rid of compatibility issues with the operating system and enhance functionality.

Solution 2 – Turn On Cookies

If you still can’t log into any of the sites with the Chrome browser, checking the cookie settings of your browser might be helpful to troubleshoot the issue. Web sites that use cache and cookies to save the data about the identity and login information of a user will not allow you to sign in if cookies are turned off in the web browser. To check that the cookie settings are set on or not, click on the wrench icon at the upper of the Google Chrome application screen, followed the ‘Preferences’ tab. Click the ‘Under the Hood’ button and make sure that the cookies are enabled.

Solution 3 - JavaScript

You might face problems if the JavaScript is turned off in your Chrome browser. If the website you’re trying to load uses the JavaScript to accept the username and passwords, you can't sign in until you turn the JavaScript on. To enable the JavaScript, click on the wrench icon, followed by the ‘Preferences’ tab, and then the option to let the websites run the JavaScript.

Solution 4 - Identity Theft

If you have assured that cookies and JavaScript are turned on, and you have an active Internet connection that allows you to load sites with Chrome, it may be possible that someone has got access to your accounts. If you use the similar login credentials for various sites like the email account, the bank, and an online forum, anyone can guess or otherwise finds the password for one website can get access the other websites also. The intruder could then modify the password, preventing you from accessing your account. At such time, consult with the customer service experts at the site and know how to get rid of the security breach.

Solution 5 – Clear cache, cookies, and browsing history

Deleting the cache, cookies and your Chrome browser history can be a helpful solution to fix the issues if you can’t log into the website. It means that the site settings will be removed and some websites might not be able to load because all of the clusters have to be loaded again. It is useful solutions if any of the websites are not loading correctly.

Solution 6 – Consult with Google Chrome Customer Service

However, if restarting the web browser and other solutions as given above has not helped you to get rid of your Chrome browser problems and get it back to work, then you should try other possibilities for the solution. In such a situation, contact Google Chrome support phone number and consult with the experts to know whether the problem is not with the Chrome itself.


When loading any of the website on your PC with the Chrome web browser, it can be a troublesome situation if you’re unable to sign into any sites. However, you can solve this issue by checking the browser’s settings, and ensuring that there are not any problems connected to the Chrome. You should also ensure that the cookies and JavaScript are enabled, and no one has access to your accounts. This article information is a perfect solution for all issues if you’re unable to load or sign into your favorite website with Chrome browser.