Upgrade the Cisco Router's Firmware in Few Easy Steps

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The article is about the process of upgrading the firmware of Cisco routers. You can find an overview of the Cisco router and its features. The complete set of procedure to update the firmware is stated in this article. The author has briefly discussed the Cisco Customer Support Service and suggested the name of a trustworthy online directory, from where you can avail 100% verified Customer Care Number of Cisco and other companies.

If you want to create an intelligent,Guest Posting responsive and secure network for your home or the workplace, then the first name that comes to one's mind is ‘Cisco.' The Cisco routers are designed to deliver highly secure and reliable service to various types of networks such as campus or branch network. These routers are capable of extending cloud services across remote sites seamlessly. Thus, the outstanding performance of Cisco routers can boost the productivity of your business. Also, they have the excellent Customer Support facility for its consumers to address any issue associated with Cisco. Just contact Cisco Router Support to avail an instant solution for any technical problem faced by you with this device.

In this digital era, everything is dynamic, new apps, software, malware, and bugs are being introduced in the market frequently. Thus, to keep your system and network secured it is essential that you update the firmware of your device from time to time. Upgrading the router is beneficial for it in the long run, and it also helps to improve the performance significantly.

For upgrading the firmware of your Cisco router, you can take help from the following procedure:

1. Get started by installing Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) on your system from the free servers such as ‘Spiceworks' and ‘Solarwinds.'
2. Now, ping the router's IP address to ensure that the TFTP server has the IP connectivity to the router.
3. Configure the TFTP software to run as a server so that your computer act as a server and the Cisco router act as a client.
4. Now, you should configure the directory for outbound files according to the instruction provided for the TFTP server that you just downloaded.
5. Open the ‘Cisco Customer Site' and log-in to your customer account.
6. After you Sign-in to your account, choose an IOS image for TFTP server's outbound directory and download it.
7. Also, make sure that the IOS image you download should specify that it is mainly for your router model.
8. Now connect your PC to the router by using the blue console cable that comes along with the router.
9. Set the terminal session settings as specified here: 9600 bits per second 8 data bits 0 parity bits 1 stop bit No flow control.
10. Now, connect the power cable to the router and standard wall outlet.
11. While the startup diagnostics of the router runs, verify that you see the "router>" prompt.
12. When this ‘router>' prompt appears, you should type ‘enable' and press ‘Enter.'
13. Now, you should type the enable password for the router and hit the ‘Enter' key on your keyboard.
14. You should now copy the new IOS to flash memory by typing ‘copy TFTP: flash:' at the prompt.
15. A source filename prompt will appear on your screen, type the name of that IOS file which you downloaded to the TFTP server and press enter.
16. Now, to accept the default destination filename, type ‘Y' and hit the ‘Enter' key.
17. Erase the flash memory before you copy the new IOS by typing ‘Y.'
18. Finally, to verify that router has been upgraded successfully and the new version is running, reboot your router. And at the prompt, type ‘Show Version.'

Just follow the complete set of instructions as stated above and upgrade the firmware of your Cisco router easily. If you meet any technical difficulty with your Cisco device, give a call at Cisco Contact Number and get your issue resolved quickly. The Cisco Customer Support is available round the clock, and this service is toll-free. Also, remember to use the official Customer Support Number of Cisco to avoid any awkward situation. You can avail the 100% verified Cisco Customer Care Number by visiting the most trustworthy source, that is, an online directory ‘Contact for Help.'

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