how to reactivate Facebook account after 14 days?

Apr 16


steve smith junior

steve smith junior

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Facebook , a world renowned social media platform which helps you to reach out to their near and dear ones across the globe or to the internet.


This platform allows you simple,how to reactivate Facebook account after 14 days? Articles user friendly, safe and secure interface which keep you connected with the peoples, chatting with the clients by making a group for sharing the thoughts and the messages 

and it has inbuilt security features to protect you from any malicious activity within the account.

If you found that your account is disabled? Now you may be facing the problem to reactivate the account. So if you found your account to be inactive mode in that case to you may be looking for the solution to overcome the situation. Here you will find the detailed points to reactivate the fb account,


Simple steps to reactivate facebook account after 14 days.

Are you looking to the process of how to reactivate Facebook account after 14 days? Stop worrying and start following the below mentioned steps.

  • At the beginning of the process, Head to the official website of the facebook.
  • Now you will be asked to enter the Email address and the password.
  • In the next move, you will showcase a message that your account has been disabled.
  • You will showcase a form that will be provided by the account. In the first you have to Type the name that you may set for the account.
  • After following the above you have to write a “Hi team”.
  • You will be displayed a message that “this is my real account kindly reactivate my account”.
  • Now after giving the form provided by the team, first you have to write the Disabled account email address or the associated phone number in the account.
  • Now you will be asked to enter the full name of your disabled account.


Most of the users have the account on this platform. Since the day facebook come into force, user has fallen more than 15 percent since the media reported on a data leak.

It is recommended to 

use the above-mentioned steps to reactivate the facebook account in a simple, safe and secure way. If required you may call directly to the customer support team of the facebook to get back to the account information. Apart from that, you can even activate the security features of your account to prevent any misused of the data of the facebook. Read all the basic aspects carefully so that you can reactivate your Facebook account Recovery.