How to reactivate old hotmail account

Sep 21




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If any user doesn’t log into his hotmail account for a longer period,How to reactivate old hotmail account Articles it would make the account inactivate - specifically, 360 days. If you don’t have an urgent need your hotmail account, simply don’t log in for 360 days in order to allow it to disable on its own, which allows you to restore it later if you change your mind.

Alternatively it is possible to close the Hotmail account on the “Close Account” page on Hotmail account. When you close your Hotmail account, the contents of the account - such as his inbox, saved and your contact list - permanently deleted. Hotmail technical supporthelps you in deleting or reactivating your hotmail account.

Disadvantages of Closing the Hotmail account 

The primary disadvantage of closing Hotmail account entirely is that it is not possible to recover the account at any time, even if you decide to use the account again. It is possible to assign the account to another, non-Hotmail e-mail address when you close your Hotmail account, eliminating the process of logging on to Windows Live Messenger with an email address that you no longer use.

How to restore your deactivated Hotmail account

  • To restore the email address, visit Hotmail website.
  • Enter your hotmail id and password to login to your deactivated account.
  • Click on “Activate My Account”.
  • Enter an alternate hotmail email id in the next text box.
  • Click “Continue” to restore your Hotmail account.


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