How to recover or get more Storage on Google Photos

Dec 3




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Google Photos allows you to upload high-quality photos without counting them in your total data storage. If you plan to upload high-resolution images, it will count against the 15GB of free storage space, or if you upgraded to Google One, against the 100GB or higher plan you buy.


Coming back to the topic,How to recover or get more Storage on Google Photos Articles if you gave in to the temptation to upload high-resolution images to Google Photos and then ran out of space, then the Photos app will not allow uploading of images from your phone. However, Google offers an option to recover storage in Google Photos if you switch to High Quality only. We will show you how you can do it.

How to recover storage in Google Photos

How to recover storage in Google Photos

Go to and click on the hamburger menu after logging in with the account.

Click Settings and switch to High Quality.

As soon as you do, you will see a message "Recover GB of storage by also compressing existing items (this cannot be undone).

Check the box and click the Confirm button.

Google Photos will start reducing the photo size of the uploaded images to match High Quality.

You should see a message, "Compress photos and videos to high quality."

Depending on the size of the images and videos uploaded in original quality, it may take time. You can close the windows and come back later to see how much storage was recovered. You can note the amount of storage space remaining, which is available with the Original radio button option.

Once completed, I suggest that you change the backup option on your mobile to High Quality. Changing on the web or on any mobile device does not change it on all devices.

Recover storage in Google Photos

Open the Google Photo app on your Android smartphone

Tap the burger menu at the top.

Go to Settings> Backup & Sync> Backup Mode.

Choose high quality

I'm using Google One Plan, I accidentally turned on Original and then ran out of space. I was not willing to pay to upgrade storage and therefore this option was very useful to me. Kudos to Google for offering this option, which will otherwise force people to pay or stop using the Google Photos app.