I Don't Want To Publish My Own Ezine

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"I Don't Want To Publish My Own ... My Final ... 2001-02 John ... time ago I had an inkling that I would very muchlike to publish my own ezine. Seemed like a good idea.Aft

"I Don't Want To Publish My Own Ezine-
That's My Final Answer!"
copyright 2001-02 John Evans

Some time ago I had an inkling that I would very much
like to publish my own ezine. Seemed like a good idea.
After all,Guest Posting we constantly hear that doing so is one of
the best ways to get our own messages out.

Seemed like a good idea...

I thought, "How hard can it be? Nothing to it."

Only a few small decisions to make:

Think of a good, classy name.
Come up with a clean "layout".
How long should I make it?
How often do I publish?
Am I a good enough communicator?
Am I any good at writing?
How do I attract subscribers?
Where do I get really good content?
Whose articles do I publish?
How many free ads do I give?
How many lines do I give to a free ad?
Offer paid ads?
Send it by email, or make them come to my web site?
Do I really want to worry about being accused of SPAM?
Am I mentally equipped to maintain a 'schedule'?
Will I get cancellations if I don't publish on time?
Will I get cancellations if I publish the "wrong" article?
Will anyone really read my ezine, or just skim through it,
looking only for their own ad?
If I only publish 20 ads, will everyone else unsubscribe?
Do I run contests?
Does anyone really participate in contests?
Do I want to 're-do' ads that are not properly formatted?
Do I have the stamina to put up with chronic complainers?
With all those other ezines out there, will I be able to
How long do I have to wait before I can charge for ads?
Do I want to charge for ads?
If so, how much?

So, there you have it. I guess maybe, just maybe, I wrote
all of these items down just to convince myself I really
didn't want to publish an ezine! (And it worked!)

But, one thing's for sure; it also made me realize a
little bit of just how much those ezine publishers go
through to bring us all that great content. And, I'll
bet there are many, many things I didn't even think of.

No, I think I'll just sit back, relax, and wait for
those great newsletters to arrive in my email. Then, once
again, I'll enjoy all the wonderful articles, ads, advice,
and humor.

And I won't have to write a thing.

copyright 2001-02 John Evans
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