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Having been a member of Niche Profit Classroom for over a year now I feel I qualified to look back and review the training course.

What Is Niche Profit Classroom?

This is hard to give a short answer for because there is so much to it but basically it is a membership website which you can join. You get access to a private members area which shows you in full,Guest Posting the unique Niche Profit 2.0 methods which the founders have used to generate huge profits online.

The aim is to show you how easy it can be to quickly and easily build websites built around a tightly focused niche market - and then sell informational e-books to people who are interested in these niches. NPC even give you ready-made books complete with ready made sales letters so you can start almost immediately.

In 2004 I started to build a tourist information site using the website software program Dreamweaver. Most of the profits are made by selling advertising space on the site. I decided I wanted to start some more websites but ones that sold affiliate products which I figured would be much less work than building up my main site - and more profitable!

I've been searching for the Holy Grail for some months - I've been reading and learning and hoping somebody would reveal their Internet money-making secrets for free but of course they never did! When I came across the Niche Profits I instantly knew it was exactly what I had been searching for. I needed a step-by-step plan that I could follow knowing that if I actually did what I was taught I would succeed.

I really liked the free demo videos that Adam Short. I don't know about you but most products that show you how to make money on the Internet are in the form of manuals which you read and then apply - but if you don't understand something - nobody is there to ask questions to.

Niche Profit Classroom Reviews

In this article you will find my personal Niche Profit Classroom Review. This is based on my membership to the training program of which I have been a member for almost a whole year now.

Is Niche Profit Classroom a Scam and a Waste of Money?

No definitely not. I would rate it as a product of substance. In the past I've bought some e-books that were pretty thin in content. This is a membership site that is packed with how-to-videos. Yes it could be if you are not the right type of person or if you don't apply what you have been taught. I've been making money online since 2004 and I've met some real twits in that time. They spend money going to Internet marketing conferences and do nothing. They buy Internet marketing guides, manuals and products and they still do nothing.

How Much Does NPC cost?

There are webinars where you can talk to the people who run the course and each month they produce and give you the rights to two niche e-books for you to sell - as well all the promotional materials such as an autoresponder course and sales letter. If you outsourced this work I figure you are looking at paying someone $750 for each book so that is probably the major reason I'm staying on as a member. The monthly subscription at the time of writing is $47.

I'm Not a Writer So Would Building Niche Websites Be Right For Me?

You can't expect to make money and have a business on the Internet without having websites - or am I missing something? You need basic copy and paste skills and use of the mouse. Web-building programs like WordPress and Joomla are not only free but extremely easy to use. the Niche Profits course has many videos showing you how to build sites quickly and easily - they have a whole section on WordPress for example.

Certainly Niche Profits is totally set up and ideal for a beginner because of the really common-sense explanations and thorough training. This is a blueprint, a step-by-step guide on a particular method of how to make money online.

I guess if you are super-successful in another area then you are best concentrating and giving it your all if you already have a 'winning' formula to make money.

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