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Here's a really powerful SEO idea to get your website seen among people who can probably help your business grow. It's a way to get massive amounts of quality backlinks. 

Here's a really powerful SEO idea to get your website seen among people who can probably help your business grow.Go to the Google homepage and look along the left side of the page. You should see "blogs" among the choices. Click that. If you don't see that,Guest Posting just go to http://blogsearch.google.com/Now in the search box, type the word "allintitle" (without the quotes) followed by a colon. Like this:allintitle:Follow that with some words for the kind of person or industry that you might want to get your product or service in front of. Let's say your site is about dog walking. In this case I'd used "dog walking", or "dog owner"  but with no spaces, like this:allintitle:dogwalkingallintitle:dogownerYou will get hundreds of blogs in the results. All will have something to do with health food.Then go through them one at a time, and see if it's relevant to you. If it is, put it in a notepad or text edit file, or even a spreadsheet. What you want to do is get a list of as many blogs (hundreds over time) that are written for or by people who might want to buy your stuff or visit your site.So out of the first fifty blogs you might find a dozen or two that might be interesting to you.Now for each of them, put them in an RSS reader. If you don't have one you use already, use Google Reader. For a tutorial about how that works (it's free and easy) go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48Z4iM4ZeJ0That way, any time any of them update their blogs, you will be notified.Now, why would you do this?Any time there is a post on a blog about something you might want to contribute something to, you can leave a comment. It doesn't have to be about dog walking per se (although that would be optimal) but it could be about anything at all that you could add to the conversation about.For example, if you find an blog about dog training, you could add a comment like,"That was some excellent advice about dog training. I hope people take your advice. I walk dogs for a living here in New York (or wherever) and it sure would make it a better experience for all involved it everyone spent a little more effort training their dogs." (without the quotation marks, of course).Then, (here's the important part) include this in your signature:Your Name    Keywords for your sitehttp://www.yoursite.com (this last part is essential)What does this do? Well, for one, there is a good that a reader of that blog might see your comment, and be intrigued enough to click on your link.More probable is that Google will see your URL mentioned on a blog that is relevant to what you do (dog walking), and will start ranking your URL higher and higher. This is some great SEO mojo. There are a couple of things to keep in mind:Although the comment above sounds a little cheesy, believe me, most people would be happy to get such a comment on their blog. Remember, Google attributes more relevancy to their blog, and rates it higher, the more comments it gets. So it's a win/win situation.Don't cut and paste the same comment over and over. That is comment spam. You have to actually have read the post and be commenting something specific to the post. Make it apparent that you have read the post in your comment.The length of the comment really doesn't matter. One or two sentences is fine.Do not blatantly advertise. Write it from your guts, don't cut and paste from your ad copy.You can go and comment on any kind of blog, and make relevant comments. You don't even have to mention dog walking at all in the comment. Just put the signature on the bottom.So if you go to google blogs and type in:allintitle:somerelevantkeywordsand then go comment on a bunch of the blogs, I'm sure you will see some improvement in your Google ranking.The reason you put them in your reader, is that whenever they put up a new post, you will see it when you check your reader. Read the title, and if it's interesting, go and read it and leave a comment.If you spend a half hour setting this up, and then spend five minutes a day writing one comment so some relevant blog, you'll have hundreds of relevant links to your site within a year. You'd have to pay an SEO guy thousands for that, and you'll get amazing exposure. You'll probably get quite a few new contacts and inquiries. 

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