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"We share what we know,Guest Posting so that others may grow."

We find witing press releases a most effective means of getting traffic to our various web sites.

When submitting a press release to a news media organisation, I use both a main heading, as well as a sub-heading (as in this recently published press release):


When we published this release recently we submitted it to the free services of PR Web...and traffic to our sites has increased substantially already. Their web address is:

PR Web recommend adding a link back to them to add credibility to your web site - good idea, I think!

Incidentally, we have a press release up there at: (In case you want to have a look at the format.)

The Comitatus Group also offer a FREE press release service. Their web address is:

Solonews is alse free:

Other Press Release services we've used are: They are  mainly for corporate businesses, but check them out.

Also Xpress, who distribute news releases by e-mail. (Their address is

You can also use and

We have no connection with these news distribution services, but have found them all to be effective in increasing "hits" after a news release.

Whether you pay for the service, or not, I believe it is a good idea to use press releases to get the word out about your web site, product or service. In writing them, try to make them as "newsworthy", as possible.  They DO WORK in bringing traffic, the first step to online sales.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Craig Lock

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