The hottest online lottery game entered the third round

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do you love lottery game? would you like to be a winner? if so, this is a good news for you.

Hongkong,Guest Posting November 8, 2010

News comes from Dinodirect Company. The dinodirect company hold a hot lottery game for their old customers and potential customers. So far, more than 1,000,000 people take part in the lottery game. And more than 600 people get the award on different standard. You can test your luck here.

In recent years, a lot of young people fall in love with constellation, divination, astrology or Chinese astrology. Sometimes we would like to test the lucky degree for today, for this week or maybe this month. Take myself for example, I will check the Cancer’s lucky degree everyday, sometimes it shows with stars. One to five stars, the more stars the luckier you are. Different kinds of divinations formed in totally different culture background; sometimes the results may be completely different. If you have time to look at the ridiculous website about astrology, why not try your luck in the lottery game of Dinodirect. You may win a free gift there.

More than 1,000,000 people take part in the lottery game. And more than 600 people owned the prize on different standard. The first two rounds were ended. So the third round become to the focus. Prizes of 3rd round: 1st prize: $40 Gift Card, 2ed prize: $30 Gift Card, 3rd prize: $20 Gift Card. May be you want to ask how to active this lottery? It’s very simple, the spokesman told us. The prizes depend on the number of players! If players’ numbers are from 30 to 49, there is only 3rd prize. If players’ numbers are from50 to 69, the prizes will be 2nd & 3rd prizes. If players’ numbers are from 70 to 99, the prizes will be all 3 prizes.
What’s more? If players’ numbers are 100 and over, the prizes are $30, $40 and $50 Gift Cards sponsored by If players’ numbers are 200 and more, we will provide more prizes! For the winners, don't forget to leave your email address and they will send you a confirmation letter. All prizes must be claimed within 2 days from the date of drawing, otherwise it will become the next DinoDirect Ball's prize.

More detail information, please check the You Tube video.

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