Translate your English articles to Hindi and get more traffic for your blogs

Oct 28


Narender Godara

Narender Godara

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Hindi is not a difficult language to speek but many people is not familier with English keyboard to type in Devnagri, to complete this purpose we need online tools like google translate and many more to complete this purpose.


Many people focus only on English content when they are building websites and blogs. This is not a good idea as there is a sizable population that reads Hindi content in India and other countries. In this regard,Translate your English articles to Hindi and get more traffic for your blogs Articles you can easily translate the articles into the Hindi language and publish them on your blogs and websites. There is no need to translate the content by hiring a professional writer manually. All you need to do is use the English language to Hindi translator tool online and get your articles in the Hindi language.

This is an excellent way to increase the volume of content on your website, and you can easily reach out to a new segment of the audience in this manner. Your readers will now have the flexibility to access your content in both languages. This will increase your popularity and get you more traffic from untouched sources. If you have been focusing only on English content, it is high time you started putting the same content in the Hindi language. This can generate additional revenue for your website in the long run.

Why is Hindi content in great demand?

In most rural areas, people prefer content in their native language as it appeals to them in an easy and effective manner. In this regard, when you consider most northern regions of India and other Asian countries, people are familiar with Hindi, and it is the most widely spoken and read the language in the country apart from English. In this situation, you can make the most of this by putting Hindi content on your website and blogs using online English to Hindi Typing tool. This can attract a large section of the audience towards your website that you had not targeted till now, and this will obviously increase your revenue in the long run.

The availability of the Internet in most rural areas also has boosted the demand for Hindi content online. Earlier, most people in rural areas of northern India used to read Hindi newspapers when compared to English newspapers. The new-age audience also shares a similar mindset, and they have now moved on to Hindi content online. In this situation, you can see the most popular news portals offering content in Hindi to appeal to such viewers.

Can Google and other search engines recognize Hindi content?

Google and other popular search engines can easily recognize Hindi content, and you can even get support for different types of fonts for such native languages. You will not have any problems when you put Hindi content online, and many leading news publications are providing Hindi content for their viewers online. You can even search Google and other search engines in the Hindi language, and this is a good development with regards to using Hindi content in websites and blogs.

Even when it comes to monetization of websites and blogs, you will not have any issues as Google ads. Other popular ad service providers offer support for Hindi content online. In this way, you can easily place ads along with your Hindi content and earn good revenue from your website. The rates may differ from what you are getting for the English content, and it depends on the advertiser and the service provider you are choosing for your website.

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