Unable to play video with Opera Mini – Here’s the solution

Oct 3


Lisa Heydon

Lisa Heydon

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Opera browser doesn't have any built-in video player in it, it can show videos with help of a supportable media player installed on your device. This article will help you if your opera browser is unable to play videos...


Opera Mini cannot play any videos itself. If you are using a supportable media player installed on your device,Unable to play video with Opera Mini – Here’s the solution Articles this browser can deliver the video to your media player app, but it won’t stream the videos natively because of the way that it renders the websites before showing them on your phone. Sometimes, the corrupted flash player can also cause Opera browser crash issue that may prevent you to stream videos online on the site. The following guide will definitely let you find the exact solution for your browser issues.


Website Rendering

Every website over the Internet required to be rendered by a web browser before displaying it to you, especially the media-rich sites that need processing power to show videos. Out-of-date and slower devices may not have too much processing power, therefore they render websites slowly. Opera uses remote servers that firstly renders the site and then send the data to the device. Though, it decreases the work load on your device, but also needs compatibility with many devices because of Opera Mini is not compatible with video playback.


Opera Mobile

If you are using the Android Smartphone, try to use the Opera Mobile rather than Opera Mini. This version still runs on smaller devices and performs rendering on the phone so that you can play audio and video content with your browser without any hassle. Although, the pre-rendered websites that are used in the Mini version cannot be used in the Mobile version, but still there’s the possibility to sync bookmarks via devices and gain the benefit of the browser rendering engine to get a fast browsing experience on your Smartphone, streaming video as well.


Video Apps

If you want to watch videos on a particular site, then firstly you need to download a media player app to play videos on your device. For instance, Vimeo, YouTube, and Dailymotion are the best apps to play videos. When you click the video link, it will send the related app link, if you have installed to stream videos. However, if you find any problem to download and play videos, then either you can contact Opera customer support service or you can talk to the video app developer for further solution.


Internet Issues

If you are having a compatible video app or using the Opera Mobile version, you will be able to see videos on your phone. But what to do if slow internet connection or other internet-based limitations that prevent you from streaming video with Opera Mini. At such time, try to upgrade your plan to get high internet speed, which is must have to watch videos. If you are still having problems, consider approaching to Opera support to get rid of browser issues.

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