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In this Webhostingpad review, it could be observed how this company lives up to its claim of reliable web hosting at a price that an aspiring customer can afford.

The business gives one of the most economical hosting plan for unbelievably extensive technical functions and functionalities. The hosting plans with the firm starts at $1.99 which is one-third of the cost offered by other web hosting service providers. The organization also promises that you can find no hidden charges and that initial setups are for no cost.

To further entice the aspiring customer,Guest Posting the business promises that a portion of clients budget investment will go to World Vision and WWF for the betterment of the world. Consumers are in no way entrapped inside the pending promises of value provisioning. Webhostingpad delivers a claimable cash back guarantee for 30 days following initial investment.

The hosting plans offered by Webhostingpad consist of a multitude of capabilities customizable in accordance with the wants of buyers. Typically all sorts of possibilities are offered to all sorts of clients under the intriguing titles of Power Strategy and Power Plus Strategy. The differences are only reflected in pricing when the essential functions like SSL certificate, spam filters, advanced web statistics, and security scan are opted for. These crucial capabilities are collectively referred as Power Plus Plan and are nearly double of the existing costs listed for Power Program.

Like all other hosting services, unlimited amount of storage space, monthly bandwidth, email accounts, parked domains, subdomains, and MySQL databases are offered. For first-time setups, domain name and website builder is supplied for no cost. For web application experts, the company provides CGI-Bin, support for PHP, Perl, Python, Mambo, and Joomla. Also available are message boards, mailing lists and image Gallery support. The e-commerce remedy is limited to the OS commerce shopping cart, but delivers extensive security measures which consist of around the clock server monitoring, advanced firewalls, PGP/GPG encryption of data streams and password protected directories. FrontPage extensions and Server Side Consists of are also supported.

Webhostingpads data center technologies is commendable. The infrastructure consists of AC and DC raceways, transformers, redundant HVAC units, biometric security for cages and server room doors, year around security, and CCTV surveillance. The raceways are the ones with 2N distribution, transformers belong to K factor class, and HVAC units are 30 tons. The fuel supply is maintained for 48 hours duration. Despite the fact that the technology details dont differ a lot from the minimal requirements necessitated by the data centers, the availability of adequate amenities is an indication of companys commitment towards its customers.

When talking about a companys commitment to buyers, one tends to evaluate provisioning and availability of support services. Webhostingpad scores nicely in these evaluations as the business offers support via the standard three mediums and maintains a useful information base. Its not a surprise that the companys customer support has earned the organization award for finest support.

Webhostingpads services are trusted by 150,000 domains. Thinking about the companys information center technologies, hosting possibilities, economical pricing strategy, and dependable support, there isnt a single reason to not choose Webhostingpad as ones hosting service. This business certainly provides every thing that a organization wants.

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