Wordpress Blogging - How to Optimize Your Blog Title to Bring More Traffic to Your Wordpress Blog

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Blog tips for bloggers that use wordpress blogs.This articles has 6 tips to bring more traffic to your wordpress blog by optimizing your blog post title.

The whole point of having a blog is so that you can bring information in an easily digestible form to the people who are looking for it.

Bloggers want other people to read what they have written or posted.
To get people to read your blog you need to get traffic to your blog and one of the best ways to get traffic is with your title.

Blogging Tips - How to optimise your title in 6 easy steps

Blog Tip Number 1 - Use Your Keywords Up Front

Keywords are the words that you use to describe your niche and they are also the words that people use to search for information.
When Google or any of the other search engines go looking for information they look at the first few words of your title. If your post title says something like “the 7 essential elements of…” then the search engine spider will go somewhere else to find the keyword or keyphrase that it’s looking for.

Experienced Bloggers know not to waste the first few words of the blog title,Guest Posting so use your keywords up front.

Blog Tip Number 2 - Length Counts

In the word of offline book publishing brevity is king. A catchy, single word title is easy to remember and will sell more units.

But in the internet world things are very different. In the online world, the longer the title the better. A longer title gives the search engine spiders more words to find, so if you want your blog post to be more easily found then make your blog post tile keyword rich.

Blog Tip Number 3 - Emphasize the Benefits

A benefit is what something does. A feature is what something is. Always use benefits in your blog post title rather than features.
An example of a blog post title that emphasizes the benefits is:“Blog Post Titles - How to Optimize Your Blog Title to Bring More Traffic to Your Blog”

An example of a features title would be “Blog Post Titles - 6 Ways to Optimize Your Title”.

Blog Tip Number 4 - Use your Keywords Again

If you have a longer title you have the chance to use your keywords again and the more keywords you have in your title the more chance the search engine spiders have of finding a keyword.

Blog Tip Number 5 - Asking Questions is Effective

If you ask a compelling question like - Do you know how to avoid the 3 most common mistakes of blog posting? Your reader thinks to himself I’m not sure what those 3 mistakes are and before they even realize it they have started reading your post.

Blog Tip Number 6 - End Your Title with a Keyword If You Can

If you can naturally put one of your keywords at the end of your title then do so. The search engine spiders are more likely to find keywords if they are at the beginning of your title or at the end.

These 6 blogging tips will help you bring more traffic to your blog post.

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