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No matter whether you use the password manager or not, passwords can still haunt you if you sign-in to your Yahoo account from other person’s device.

But you don’t have to worry as with this quick guide you can easily recover the Yahoo account under any situation.

How to recover the forgotten username of Yahoo account?

As most of us use more than one email accounts these days,Guest Posting hence forgetting which email ID is the username for our Yahoo account is quite obvious. However Yahoo username can be easily recovered using the forgotten username tab located at the Yahoo Sign-in page. Here are the easy steps to do the same.

  • Click on forgotten username link at the Yahoo sign-in page.
  • Next, you can enter either your registered phone number or alternate email address linked to your Yahoo account
  • Now, click on yes send me a code button and get the 8 digit alphanumeric code on this email or phone.
  • Once received, just type the code in the required field and click submit
  • This will display the username for your Yahoo account.

How to recover the password of Yahoo account?

The password recovery options visible to you may vary as it depends on what information is updated on your Yahoo account but the steps to reset password via different methods are more or less same.

Steps for recovering Yahoo password via phone number

  • Tap on forgot password link at Yahoo password page.
  • Then enter the phone number linked to your Yahoo account.
  • Now, allow Yahoo to send the verification code on this number
  • Then just enter the code in the provided field and reset your password.

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Tom Cruss

Steps for recovering password via alternate email

For Yahoo¬†account recovery via email, you must have the login credentials of the email account that is associated with this Yahoo account otherwise you won’t be able to get the verification code and password could not be reset via alternate email

So, sign-in to your alternate email account first and then enter the alternate email linked to Yahoo account.

Now, yahoo will send the code on this email and once this code is entered correctly in the provided field, password can be reset easily.

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