You Too Can Beat The 5 Most Annoying Types On The Internet.

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Just as in real life you meet people on the Internet who annoy you. There are five in particular you need to know how to recognize and how to deal with them, if you are to take your place as a successful entrepreneur in Cyber Space.

Unique Cyber Space:

In order to keep our sanity,You Too Can Beat The 5 Most Annoying Types On The Internet. Articles you need to be able to deal with the five most irritating people on the Internet if you are to take your place as a successful entrepreneur on the Internet. Cyber Space is enormous in size, yet filled with people who have found a new freedom. Many are able to express themselves in ways they wouldn't do if they were standing face to face with each other.
· Miniwatts Marketing Group reports  in the 2nd quarter of 2008, there were 1.5 billion users
· Google searches 1 trillion unique URLs daily
· Over 5 billion pages are added and 5 billion pages spidered daily by Search Engines
· According to there were over 178 millions websites online, in August 2008.


Even though the size of the Internet is immense, you find yourself bombarded with five of the most irritating types of people, who are hell bent on wasting your time. (That is besides the revolting creatures known as 'Spammers'.) We met a couple once, when they stayed at our place, Seachange Lodge Resort, in the tropical island nation of Vanuatu, in the South Pacific. Great looking, innocent, clean cut older teenage guys. One even enjoyed surfing over the coral reef. Somehow they managed to get our address blacklisted. It was only when they were spiked and instantly jumped on a plane out of Vanuatu that same afternoon, our suspicions were confirmed as to what they had been up to for six weeks. We ended up having a police car patrolling past our place looking for the offenders. But we're side-tracked off the subject. Let's get back to beating the most irritating creatures on the Web:


First there is the Cretin who doesn't really say anything of value and likes to use lots of foul language. It almost seems as if the Cretin barely manages to get out of bed in the mentality department and appears to relate everything to sex. (Not that there's anything wrong with sex). Fortunately the Cretin is easy to recognize, so you can speedily beat the Cretin with the dreaded 'Click Away'.


You are usually able to easily distinguish who the Lunatic is. The lunatic seems to be quite harmless and often you feel pity for him/her, as they don't appear to know the rules. It also seems the Lunatic has no interest, or use for logic, for everything a Lunatic tries to say corroborates the lunacy. However, there are occasions when the Lunatic has a flash of inspiration, which some call being eccentric. Yet, the eccentric may have a whacky idea that works, after all, that's how we have the light bulb. Eddison belonged to the eccentric category and many of his friends wrote him off. You learn to skim read the Lunatic's writing, looking for that rare flash of insight. It could be the one thing that sets pushes your website to the dizzy heights of success.


Now the Moron isn't quite so easy to identify, as the Moron mixes into the crowd and seems to think like everyone else. The Moron often appears to say the correct thing, but you ultimately discover there is a faulty logic behind the words. Sometimes you get trapped in the Moron's illogical way of thinking, so if what the Moron is saying doesn't fit in with your logic, ignore it. That is provided you know what your goals are.


It seems the Fool doesn't like to be on the same page as everyone else, frequently planting his/her foot in the mouth. The Fool is unable to keep focused and is easily baffled. The Fool never has an original idea or creative thought and is an expert at wasting time, particularly when he/she is out to sell you something of little or no value. The Fool can be of value, however, if you are looking for a laugh. Like the Cretin, the Fool is easy to spot and a laugh a day can retain your sanity.


The dummy is also easily confused and promptly gets lost in Cyber Space, with the hard-to-get-a-handle-on language, which Internet gurus simply love to use. The dummy needs everything clarified in simple and easy to follow instructions, with NO STEPS MISSED OUT! Internet experts (squirts under pressure) have little tolerance for the so called, lesser intelligent Dummy. While you may get annoyed with the Dummies, don't beat them to death. Their questions often show up something we still need to learn. No matter how far you travel in Cyber Space, there is always another program where you will be the Dummy.

Then there is You.

Now you have sorted everyone else out, how about you? You are a concoction of all of the above and can be any one of Aggravating Five at any given moment in time. You even act and sound just like them. You have your own obstacles you need to get around and there is only one pathway to the Summit of Success in Cyber Space. It is paved with Passion, Discipline, Patience and Perseverance. There will always be those ahead of you and behind you, so move quickly on past those five annoying people. Keep locked into your own goals and ambitions. Hang on to your dream of success and you too will taste the fruit of a successful entrepreneur on the Summit of Success, in spite of those annoying people around you.