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Several years ago, Java was ... It was ... ... have beefed up, the internet is a lot faster, and Java is a serious ... It can lower costs, ... get people talking about

Several years ago,Guest Posting Java was introduced. It was slow.
Now, computers have beefed up, the internet is a lot faster,
and Java is a serious language. It can lower costs, and
REALLY get people talking about your website!
I'll cover:

1) WHAT is Java, and how can it help me?
2) WHY Java NOW?
3) WHY is Java the next BIG THING?

. . .

1) WHAT is Java, and how can it help me?

. . .

Java is basically a programming language that can be
integrated into browsers, and add spice to a website.
One beautiful thing is its 'reusability', and 'ease
of use'.

For example -- I will use the classic 'Lake' example,
where you have a picture of a mountain on top of a lake,
and the water ripples.

Before Java, you needed expensive graphics software
and several hours to make it ripple. Using a Java applet,
all you have to do is include something like:

in your webpage, and now you now have a picture of a
lake that ripples! To change the image, simply change
the name of the file (the "lake.jpg")!

So -- Java makes it VERY easy to add and change
functionality in your website.

. . .

2) WHY Java NOW?

. . .

About five years ago, Java was introduced, and ran it
really slowly. The main browsers (Netscape & Internet Explorer)
that supported Java were 'brand' new. And, the computers
they ran on were slow. If you had a 'top of the line computer',
it meant you had a Pentium-133 machine (and friends were usually
jealous that you could afford such a 'fine' piece of hardware).
Most people were just learning what E-Mail was.

All that has changed.

Microsoft & Netscape have re-written their browsers' JVM
(java virtual machine), and optimized it to make Java
lightning fast.

Pentium-III 550 MHz machines cost less than the
Pentium-133 models did. Plus, they are more than three times
faster, because of faster graphics accelerator cards,
increased RAM and so forth. And most people have one of these
newer machines, because of the low cost (or special 'package'
deals that ISP's made with computer makers for 'free' or
'low cost' computers)

So, now Java is fast, and can be easily used,
with low development costs.

. . .

3) WHY is Java the next BIG THING?

. . .

Most internet users find it EXCEPTIONALLY annoying to
have to wait 3 or 4 minutes to download a special plug-in
to hear audio, another special plug-in to see 3D images,
and so forth. JAVA DOES NOT REQUIRE PLUGINS! Practically
99% of all internet browsers ALREADY SUPPORT JDK 1.0.2,
(which is the 'main' version of Java in use today).

Complex mathematical calculations (for 2D & 3D games,
visual special fx, data processing, etc) are fast because
of fast computers and optimized browsers.

Say you bought a program that simply did special
transition FX. You decide to use for banner advertisements,
and it works as follows:

So, YOU SAVE TIME AND MONEY, because all your development
team has to do is spend five minutes deciding which banner
advertisements to use. Now, say you have a big corporate
presentation to make. YOU CAN RE-USE THAT PROGRAM!
Simply replace each image with the corporate slide image!
For example,

And that is IT!

Most 'sophisticated' applets are less than 50K. Popular and
useful tools such as Macromedia Flash create animations that
are usually at least 100K for simple ones, and upwards of 500K
for high profile/professional sites. So think about it -- if a
individual has no problem waiting for a 500K for a Macromedia
Flash animation, they are certainly not going to have a problem
with a small, 50K Java applet. Most Java applets are even
smaller than this!

. . .


. . .

1) You customers are happy (NO PLUGINS required!)
2) Runs FAST!
3) YOU save time & money, because of RE-USABILITY!
4) Customers will talk about how 'GREAT' your site it is,
because of all amazing functionality!

So, where do you want to use Java today?

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