5 Reasons why - Canada is the best destination to settle in, with your family

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The maple leaf country - Canada, has become one of the best destinations in the world to relocate with the family. World-class education, free healthcare programs, outdoor activities, scenic beauty, better job prospects - the country has it all. In this write-up, we will be going through certain major perks of immigrating to Canada with your family. Work under the guidance of immigration consultants if you are seeking to relocate to Canada.

The activity and challenge of children,Guest Posting is an important component of the Canadian way of life. This is why extracurricular have been added and because many colleges have made that compulsory for all students. This might be the fun part of a day for children to appreciate a sport or cultural event which can be part of their lives. Below, we will be going through 5 distinct reasons to why - it is a good move to immigrate to Canada with your family. Seek guidance from immigration consultants to know more about the same.

Why move to Canada with your family?

  1. Education - Most parents choose to do their best to guarantee their kids have a bright future. All start with their schooling in a bright future, a good job and a fulfilled life. As the world's leading country, this is among the most appealing reasons for immigrating to Canada with children, given the percentage of its population that has tertiary degrees. Your kids are at the centre of a society where education is given priority by funding them to high school and promoting more studies in one of their world-class universities.


  1. Free healthcare - Canadians have something quite unusual-free healthcare-in many other parts of the world. If you are a permanent resident of Canada, you can rest assured that your children's health is taken care of. While the coverage is not all under the sky, it is comprehensive and can even apply to people under the age of 25 years on counter and prescription medicines. Exposure to this healthcare typically takes 3 months to get permanent residence in Canada, depending on the province, so make sure it is one of the first items that you apply for.
  2. Maternity leave - You have the option to a 15-week maternity leave while you are pregnant following permanent residence and are working in Canada. A maximum maternity leave of 35 weeks can be divided between the two parents after the birth of their child. This is an additional bonus that is much more pleasing to Canadian residents as a pregnancy, birth and postpartum process. Support for the wife and the prospect of shared parental leave – foster is an optimal environment for meeting and parenting the new baby.


  1. Increased age of dependent - It has just become much easier to move for kids who are a little older but still relying upon you. In Canada, you increase the age of employees to 21, which makes the move much more convenient since your kids do not have to apply for permanent residence completely separately.
  2. Job Market - The country doesn't have a population high enough to sustain and manage the economy, Canada is the second-largest country in the world. Consequently, they switched to immigrants to resolve the problem of skilled workers ' shortages. This makes Canada one of the most attractive job markets in the world with an internationally competitive hourly wage of $13 per hour and a successful economy. The labour shortage will give you and your family more opportunities in terms of job prospects. Seek guidance from immigration consultants in Delhi to know more about the current job prospects facing shortage in the Canadian labour market.

Are you ready to move to Canada?

Immigration to Canada from India is the right move if you want to improve the quality of life for your children and your family. The country is living with opportunities with a booming economy and the development of many new technologies and digital development sectors. With an immigrant population steadily increasing to the 33 percent mark, it isn't something you'll need to worry about that beautiful country. There is something for everyone with a diverse landscape from a lively town to a calm mountain or seafront according to the province you are.

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