Points To Remember How To Register A Company Name in India

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Before applying for company registration or business incorporation in India be-sure to get familiar and known with each and every step of how to register a company name, pvt ltd company registration in India or public limited company registration and lots more to run your business smoothly.   

To run a business; it is necessary to get a registration under the respective act. Here in India with 28 states and 7 union territories houses numbers of companies and corporate facets that are well maintained and controlled under the company act 1956. Company is basically a group of people that run a same theme of business. That may be registered as private company,Guest Posting public, limited liability company, one person company or any other form. There are various firms and legal consultants in India offer company registration services under varied aspects. The lawyers are well proficient while offering a best of services in company registration in india name availability, pvt ltd company registration in india, public limited company registration, llp registration, IPR services and lots more in order to bring your business under legal roof. Here, below we try to introduce you with detail descriptions about how to register a company name as per the corporate act in India.  

How to Register a Company Name

There are various rules and registered that have been prescribed under the supervision of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. For every form of corporate it is mandatory to follow these rules while applying for company registration in India. For company name; it is first necessary to decide the type of name you want to put for your company. Be sure that a name should be in-accordance of company act 1956 in India means the proposed name should not conflict with any of the religion name or symbol, any trust or society’s name and do not hurt any of the business which is already registered with the same act. Before all; be sure to conduct a search to check the company registration in India name availability.              

Pvt ltd company registration in India

•For private limited company it is mandatory to have at-least 2 shareholders as members and maximum of 50 shareholders to incorporate the company under the Indian company act.

•Here the private limited company do not allow to offer shares buy or sell to open public only shareholders are entitled for the same.

•Minimum capital needed under the same form of corporate is 100,000.

•Fill Form 1 A and Form 1 for getting approval of company name while filling an application to ROC.  

•Get Director Identification Numbers and Digital Signature Certificates for the respective signatory directors.

•File an application for company registration while filing an application to the same ROC.

•Fill forum 18 and 32 and also submit require documents like MOM and AOA and other legal documentaries for the same pvt ltd company registration in India.

•After getting a certificate of incorporation of company; get apply for certificate of commencement of business.  

Public limited company registration

•Under the public limited company registration, one needs to have atleast 7 shareholders and minimum 3 directors and need to have atleast Rs. 500,000 as a share capital for incorporation.

•This form of corporate allows to raise the capital while offering shares to the open public to buy or sell.

•Get Director Identification Numbers DIN and Digital Signature Certificates for the respective signatory directors.

•While getting approval of company’s name; the directors need to provide atleast 6 names for the same.

•Fill form 1, 18 and 32 for getting company’s name approval while applying for public limited company registration.

•Finally, apply for certificate of commencement of business in India under the company act.

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