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Using the Internet to search for police records can be done for free. There are websites that offer to search for the police reports of a certain individual.

Police records are one of the files that are used when conducting a background check on a certain person. It makes the search easier since the records are available to the local citizens of the state. Florida Free Police Records can be accessed at the office of the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services,Guest Posting Division of Law Enforcement. When one feels suspicious about a certain person, it is best to check the police record to ensure that they have a clean record. With all the issues encountered in an office setting, employers are now very careful about the people they have in the company. Employers now prefer to check the police record of an applicant to ensure that the person they hired is qualified for the job. There are others who also use the police reports to check the background of the people they encounter everyday such as their nannies, neighbor, caretakers, friends and relatives. In the state of Florida, police reports are documents that contain a lot of information. Even if there was no arrest made to the involved individual, police records are still generated for documentation reasons. Information like the person's name and address are indicated on the report. A detailed description of the incident is also included on the record. Details about the incident and any other criminal activities are detailed on the record. It would also indicate if the person is allowed to carry any firearms. Information about any person that has been involved with the incident is indicated on the police report. Some of the information is used to solve a criminal case. When requesting for a police record in Florida, one can send a letter of request addressed to the office of the Department of Criminal Justice Services. One has to provide the basic information about the individual in search. Information such as the person’s name and county is needed. The person requesting for the record will be required to provide their name and address. The request would only cost $24. One can also go directly to the office of the Florida's Department of Criminal Justice Services to request for the police record. Police records can also be obtained from the state's repository. The Internet is also one way to get a copy of the record. The use of the internet to search for police records in Florida is easier and can be done for free. Websites that offer free service provide information that is not easy to understand. One still has to analyze then results before using it. Fee based websites, give out results that are ready to be used and understood by just about any person. Many prefer to choose the fee based service since the records are ready to be used in any legal matters.

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