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Researchers who want basic divorce records can also get the records from online record searches. Some websites do offer free public divorce records or require a minimal fee for full divorce records.

Public records such as birth,Guest Posting marriage, divorce and death are also known as Vital Records in the US. These records are open to the public and the Records Division should accommodate all requests. These records also serve as supporting documents as they can prove the person’s identity, which is useful in some instances such as for benefit claims, social security and spousal claim. The records are usually available from the Health Department or Vital Records of the State although there are some instances where records such as Indiana Divorce Records are located elsewhere.
The divorce records are only available from the County Clerk’s office where the divorce was granted. Each county has different divorce records with some dating back as far back as 1795 wherein record keeping starts from when a county was established. Each county has their set of guidelines to ensure that a request is accommodated. Requests can be made through email, fax, standard mail and in-person. 
Access to divorce records is open only to those individuals eligible under the State Laws. As divorce records are confidential by nature, persons who have close affinity to the parties named in the divorce, their siblings, children and appointed persons are the only ones that can access the records. 
Divorce records for example in Marion County, Indiana are available from the Marion County Clerk office and can be requested through mail, email and in-person. The researcher will have to submit the request form that is available for download from the county’s website. Complete the application form and together with the payment fee, send these to the Records Division. Each record page costs about $1 and certification is $1. For those who are unsure of how long the reports would be can, they may send in a minimum of $5 in either money order or check. Any remaining amount will be refunded by the Office and for those who incur more costs then the requesting party will be contacted to add additional funds. Processing time varies depending on the volume of requests although normally it would take ten business days. Researchers must include a self-addressed stamped envelope with their request form. For walk-ins, the Record Office is available weekdays and payments should be made in cash. Researchers must present prof of their identity to the County Clerk by showing current identification such as passport or driver’s license. 
For those in Allen County, divorce records are available from the Courthouse Records Management Division. Requests made through fax, email, mail and in-person are allowed. Records payments are the same as that in Marion County. For those who would be using the records for employment purposes or court proceedings, the person requesting the reports should indicate that the records need certification. 
To make it easier for those who urgently require the records or need the records for information purposes, several online public records sites provide free public divorce records for basic info and a minimal fee might be charged for those who require a full report. This is definitely a time saver as processing time is shorter which reduces the time needed by researchers to finish their activities.  

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